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General Mach Discussion / Urgent help needed. Setting up MACH 3
« on: January 14, 2013, 09:15:22 AM »

I am setting up a CNC machinefor my workplace. It has run using mach3 before but is now using a new drive system and PC.
I am a complete newbie to CNC and require help setting up.

The machine I am using is :


And the system with which I hope to drive my CNC with is the System4C from DIYCNC.COM. Which I have assembled but currently have not plugged in as I just wish to test Mach3 first.

I have downloaded the trial version of MACH and at this stage would like to test that my motors will turn.
My CNC machine is not plugged in yet, I wanted to test MACH 3 first but am unable to use my keyboard arrow keys to jog or change the values in the xyz axis

Where lies my problem?

Any advice

Please help :-\

ports and pins:

port enabled


Motor Outputs

X axis  Green, step pin 2, Dir Pin 3,Red , Red, step port 1, Dir port 1
y axis  Green, step pin 4, Dir Pin 5,Red , Red, step port 1, Dir port 1
z axis  Green, step pin 6, Dir Pin 7,Red , Red, step port 1, Dir port 1

Hi, my name is Peter.
I'm in the Uk and am building my own cnc machine.

Having some issues with Configurations. Will post soon.
Would really appreciate the help.



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