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General Mach Discussion / MachX threading
« on: March 19, 2006, 01:01:12 PM »
When my homebuilt 4 axis mill/lathe is at stage to install electronics I will buy Mach X so it has all the latest bells and whistles installed. 
  I am building a 24" by 120" mill/lathe to do wood columns.  This is designed to be a CNC version of the Legacy Ornamental Mill.  I will normally use profiled router bits to cut rope and barley twists and since they will cut the desired profile I think that I can use the thread wizard to do this but not sure of values to enter. 
  Column 12" diameter by 120"
  Router bit 3"
  6 starts
  1 rotation per 18" (thread pitch)
  depth of cut .1" per pass total of 6 passes per thread
  speed 200 IPM
  CW or CCW selectable

The columns are glued up as a octagon and I think that the high points can be knocked down via slot cutting wizard
  octagon diameter 12.98"
  column diameter   12"
  using 2" flat bottom bit
  depth of cut .1"  repeat 8 times rotate 45degrees and repeat 7 times
speed 200 IPM

To flute columns
 column diameter 12" length of cut 100"
 start cut 10" from end
 depth of cut .1" X number of cuts
 rotate X degrees and repeat X numbers of times

Are these possible or would writing G code be as easy as I suspect? 
 depth of cut

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