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They are just not connected in that picture for cleaning and painting.

I took the side cover off to try to see the circuit board to identiy it, but all I could see were very big transformers and caps for the motors (old school) that obscured the view of the board without taking the whole upper structure apart.

The steppers are MCG, IH34110, 2 phase, 1.8 step, 4.3 amps, 0.5 ohm, 19 watts.


I am the second owner.  The first owner never used the machine (purchased in 2008) and the CNC unit was factory installed.  I didn't get a manual and the PO said he never got a manual with it either.

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and new at this.  I recently purchased a ShopMaster/Shoptask Eldorado Tri-power with factory CNC and DRO.  I've loaded up the AirSoft demo package and went through the setup.  I used X-Step Pin #2, X-Dir Pin #3, Y-Step Pin #4, Y-Dir Pin #5, Z-Step Pin #6, and Z-Dir Pin#7.  All are on Step Port and Dir Port 1 and the software said the port was "excellent."  I've also been through the speed/half speed jog setting and estop.  To the best of my knowledge these are all correct

The software works fine onscreen and everything runs as it should, onscreen.  The problem is that the stepper motors don't run.  If I toggle the X-stepper left, I hear the stepper whine a bit (barely preceptible), but there is no movement.  If I then try to toggle the X-stepper right, there is no movement and no whine.  But if I toggle the Y-stepper up or the Z-stepper, I can now toggle the X-stepper to the right and there is a faint whine, but no movement.

The same occurs with the other two steppers/axis.  If I toggle Y-up, I get a bit of whine that I don't get when I toggle Y- down, unless I toggle X or Z in between.  Same goes for the Z-axis.

The velocity and acelleration controls do have an effect as they change the tone of the whine.  Can anybody shed any light on this?


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