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just tried a new pc and still nothing.  all i get is the max voltage output from the dc03 giving me only max rpm with no adjustment

a real pain in the arse cause i know it will be a dead simple fix but at this stage i can't see it and have no idea how to test for a pwm signal from the pc.

like i mentioned the led on the dc03 flashes fast like it is recieving a signal but what signal it is getting i have no idea.

also maybe this board cant run via a eternet s/stepper.  is anyone using this combination already?

General Mach Discussion / Hi all, new guy struggling with DC-03 & mach
« on: November 28, 2012, 02:56:46 AM »
hi guys

have been lurking around here for a bit.  there are some great conversions and very knowledgeable people kicking around here.

i have a BP clone mill that i have converted using 400w yaskawa servos.  so far all going well, only a couple of issues that were more related to hardware than anything else.

due to how user friendly mach 3 is i have got through the conversion reasonably pain free but this latest issue has me stumped.

i have been running the mill for a couple of months and now want to get the spindle speed up and running.  i was only using the dc03 from peter homann for on/off duty but now want to use it to vary speed.

i have had email conversation with Peter about my issue but it looks like his board is set up, wired and should operate correctly. i have also email him some screen shots of my mach setup and it all looks right.

i have taken pics of my dc03 setup and he confirmed it seems correct but it doesn't matter what i do all i get is 100% speed output from the unit. when i power up the board i get the correct flashes and when i activate the pins i get the fast flash saying the board has signal.  if i deactivate the pin in mach 3 the flash on the dc03 changes to say it is getting no signal.

so my question is how do  i tell if machi3 is outputting the PWM to the board?

i am sure it will be something basic but i have spent literally hours trying to get this thing working but no joy.  i have used a pot on the inverter to confirm i have the inverter set correctly and when i put the dc03 in trimpot mode and turn the on board pot the speed changes accordingly.  got me stuffed

any ideas?

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