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email sent.  hope i get this sorted.  it is bloody annoying.

Not sure how to delete the plugin but I did load Mach and ss plug in on Thursday last week to another pc to just run the mill and still didn't work.

Who is Greg?

Did the check on the voltage input to the dc03 and It asways reads 5volt

I even tried a known bob output (z axis output) to rule out a dodgey bob terminal

Even when adjusting to +\- button on the screen I only get 5v.

So it has to be some sort of setup issue in Mach 3 doesn't it?

ok i will give it a go.

should have added to my previous reply that when the led is slow flashing (no signal on input) the spindle turns at the min hts value that i have programed into the inverter (20htz)

i assume that when i turn the spindle on (f5) the spindle will start and run at min speed (20htz) until i either asjust the override +/- or type  S*** to increase the speed

The dc 03 is connected via the same bob as the axis motor outputs. When I disconnect the step wire to the dc03 the led changes from a fast flash to a slow flash and according to the manual a slow flash indicates no activity to the dc03 input. I get the sakes result when I change the active low step to an active high step on the spindle motor out put

This tells me there is some sort of signal going to the dc03 but what type of signal I have no idea

Have changed as per your instruction but still no good. Just goes straight to max rpm on start up

Double checked the above screen and it does open with the Pwm box checked in the plug in

Thanks for the help btw

thats odd cause when i open up mach3 this is what the plug in screen looks like

tried with the settings in the pic but no joy

didn't think to check s/stepper config. 

i notice there is a spindle check box for pwm within the s-s config.

i have checked that as it was unchecked and made base pwm 50 as that figure is mentioned in the DC03 setup for mach 3.  not sure i have this right. 

didn't make a difference.  i assume i am checking this all correctly.

what i have doing is turning the spindle on via F5 or m3s1000 and by this stage i have a selected a pulley from the pulley list.  lets say a pulley with a min 500 max1000.  once the spindle is running (i only ever get max volt output from the dc03) i use the spindle +/- buttons to see if hte rpm changes.  the numbers on the screen go up or down but the spindle doesn't change.

i have no spindle feedback yet.  one crisis at a time.
attached is the newest xml

here is the file guys

i agree, have sent Peter another email last night.
i will attach xml file.

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