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LazyCam (Beta) / Re: move entitie to another chain in Lazycam
« on: May 13, 2008, 03:51:04 PM »
Hi budman

Yes I used that to select the entities (or chains) bud as you can see in the screenshot one inside entitie is connected to the outside entities.

Hi chip

I have the same settings as you do, I did play around with the tolerance settings, it gives by each setting A different result.
Each time I push the clean button I also get A different result (without change any setting).
Yes I have A license.

Here is the dxf


LazyCam (Beta) / move entitie to another chain in Lazycam
« on: May 13, 2008, 11:14:57 AM »
Hi Brian

Could you make it possible to move entities from one chain to another chain.
As you can see in the picture if I select an chain on the outside then entities in the inside are selected as well.
I want to cut the entities in the inside of the shape 0,5mm deep and the shape as it is must be cut 1,5mm deep.
So I need all the entities inside the shape to be one chain and the outside of the shape to be another chain so I can cut in different ways.


Hi Bill

Nice pieces did you make there.
I have a couple questions if I may.
What sort cutter did you use?
What size?
What feedrate?
What spindle speed?
How did you fix the inlays on your machine?
Did the wood not break on the edges and special on the topends?
Did the cutter turn against the feed direction or with the feed direction?
How thick was the inlay material?

I was thinking it was impossible to cut so extreme Small pieces.


Hi Cory

Thanks for the Dxf.
I have made the bird of 3mm triplex, in Lazycam made an offset to cut with A 1mm cutter.
Fits OK, nice bird, thanks again.


Hallo Tahustvedt

I almost do not daring to ask but do you want to share the dxf or g-code for this blades and a brief description how you did synchronise/align  the top and the bottum side of the blade (how did you place it on the machine so the top and the bottum cumming exactly in place).


LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: March 19, 2008, 05:21:03 AM »

Funny, i get a different vieuw with the same settings.
watch the tip go in the other direction.


LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: March 16, 2008, 08:17:34 AM »
Hi Art

Could you make the tool icon (in the white box) the real tool shape (tooltip in the yellow box)?
If i ask the impossible please take note that i have absolute no idea how difficult it is to make dose bits and bytes do what you want.
Is it possible (in the future) to edit the shape of the toolbody and that Lazyturn take note of the shape to calculate the toolpath?


LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: March 16, 2008, 07:37:23 AM »
Hi Art

I get an opegl error.
Although it looks fancy but could you make the tool stand still?


LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: February 23, 2008, 07:28:21 PM »
Hi Art

Of course it is up to you what come first , i take it as it comes.
To me it most importend that profiling on the frontside of the material is possible ( i do not mean the frontside of the toolpost but the side i see looking from the tailstock).
The graphics what i see now is very promising.
By the way if i load a profile i see no difference if i choose inner or outer profile but maybe that is not in order at this moment.
Anyway i love the idea that there Will come a great turning program (if it will be half as good as the mill program i already will be happy)

Thanks and greetings:

LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: February 21, 2008, 02:34:28 PM »
Hi Art

Thanks for working on turn.
Will turning in Lazycam stay or will it taking out of Lazycam.
Maybe i speak rubbish now but It would be nice if we could draw in Lazyturn (cad/cam)
I am no programmer so i have no idea if that is difficult to make but to me it Will be the ultimate program.


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