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I found an old computer with parallel port and connects directly my SmoothStepper and it works.

The problem comes from the USB to parallel converter that was between my computer and the SmoothStepper.

I'll try another converter if I find some time.

Thank you for your help bad_bunny!

check your personnal message ;)

Yes for me it is very strange too.

When I use the system without the THC, I can control X,Y,Z axis manually with my computer keyboard.

I tried to disable inputs linked to the THC in mach3 config and I don't see anymore the yellow square changing in mach3 (seems normal). When I configure THC inputs the signals thc up/ thc down come to mach3 as you can see on first picture (seems normal). And nothing happen :'(

Ok, I'll try it. Hope I can have the same result than at your side.

Do you also use a smoother stepper or ou have a direct connection through parallel port?
I asked the support of Warp9 directly to know if the problem can be linked to the smoother stepper.

Thank you both for your support.


I'm using a plasma CNC since 2-3 years and would like to add it a THC. Connection seems fine but have a problems with mach3 that I can not understand.

First I'm using the "test mode" of my THC. (command up and down for 1sec each to move the spindle)

During the test I can see on the THC the commands UP/DOWN.
I receive the signal in MACH3 but my spindle does not move.

Anyone has already face this problem? and solved it :)

There is also some of my configurations:
Plasma              :  hypertherm powermax 85
THC                  :  compact THC controller from PROMA elektronika
Motor command : Box CNC-shop with board TB6560
A SmoothStepper to convert USB to parallel port

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