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Just had an idea - Turn the screen editor into a Lua tool and provide the source with Mach4. Then it can be modified, problems fixed, features added by the community.

Just an idea.

If anyone has any enlightenment to share on how to reorder tabs in a notebook, please share with me.

I have tried dragging tabs in the UI tree to reorder - crashes Mach4GUI.
I have tried dragging tabs in screen layout itself - does nothing.
I have exported tabs and tried re-importing them - Mach4GUI spins for ever and eventually crashes.
I have tried cut-n-pasting (which works with other UI components) back into the notebook - does nothing.
I have tried deleting and then re-pasting back into the notebook - worst yet, deletes the tab and it's contents, but paste is disabled.

It's been three years, please give the screen editor a bit of love and attention. The development tools are the first thing integrators will look once they decide the motion engine is worth investing in. This is so frustrating.

Mach4 General Discussion / Tabbing between UI controls
« on: March 17, 2018, 01:07:57 AM »
Is there a way to enable and control tabbing between a set of UI controls? As an example, if I add X, Y, Z, and A axis DROs to a screen set can I enable tabbing between these four DROs so that they move from the X, to the Y, to the Z, to the A, and back up to the X?

I don't see any mechanism for enabling or setting the tab order like you can with other development tools.


I still think it needs to be implemented in the motion hardware. If I remember right this is the only solution for Mach3 users. I have the same question at the Warp9D forum and Daz replied there also. I still asked Andy if it's possible to implement on the ESS. At the very least throw an E-Stop if the probe is detected during a non-G31x movement. Something more graceful would be nice, but I'm not in the know on how to implement that.

Daz's solution may help when the feeds are slower, how many hobbyist CNC are running at the high end of the feed rates?

Thanks Daz, I will look at that when I get home tonight.

I'm thinking more of the case where I have finished a probing operation, and I go to jog or do a G0/G1 movement from the MDI. I'm trying to protect the probe from my stupidity; hard I know.

I just posted to Warp9D's forum asking if the ESS has such a setting. Hopefully it does.

There is a property on every UI control in the screen editor called "Instance", what is it for?

Also, what is the "Scale Method" used for? I suspect it is for selecting how a UI component scales when screen set doesn't match the original dimensions it was designed for, but why on each UI control? A global setting on the top most tree item would seem reasonable. What is the effect of each option in the menu for the property?


I once asked if this was possible for Mach3. I was told the engine did not support it. Now that I'm using Mach4 more I'd like to ask the same question.

I use the MachStdMill style master tool probing and touch offs. In MSM a master tool could be designated with a tool number. I am trying to replicate the same style probing that MSM supported in my own custom screen set, but would like to overcome one of the weakness of the method or my bad habits. Often the Master Tool stays in the spindle. I use it to touch off and check distances and tolerances. This means I frequently jog or do a G0/G1 from the MDI to move around. No surprised I have gone through my share of probe tips when flubbing a jog or movement.

Is it possible to have any axis movement come to a halt if any of the G31 probe signals becomes active? I realize this is a crutch, but I have moved up to a more expensive probe and the ceramic tips are going to bankrupt me if I keep doing this.


The latest builds of Mach can provide this functionality.  There is a new DLL in the Modules directory called screenipc.dll. 


Steve, are there any docs for the ScreenIPC API yet?  I'm hoping I can lookup a UI control by name and see what properties are supported by the control.

I have a problem where I'm using a background image on a notebook tab. The image is a representation of the work area of the machine and probing operations that can be done on it. I'm using transparent bitmap buttons to overlay the control areas of the image that you can use to select probing operations. There is an odd shift in the image (up and to the left) by two pixels along the edge of the area of the transparent image. The effect is to cause the background image to look like it's jagged and messy. I have reported it as a bug, and Brianna said that it was a know issue. I suspect it's a border effect that has been applied to the button and causing the shift. I was hoping to overcome the problem by setting the appropriate property of the bitmap buttons.


Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Debugging Lua code...
« on: March 16, 2018, 12:06:49 AM »
Steve (aka Smurf), I am running my debugging session on a ZeroBrane session I started by hand with debug server running. I have also enabled multiple ZB instances so I can continuously edit my module code that supports my custom screen set. As expected, additional ZB instances are started as I need to edit screen element events, etc. I make my changes and exit out, leaving my first debug server session running - just fine.

It's a bit annoying to have to start and close the screen editor in order to debug the ScreenScript at startup. Is it possible to add a button to the Operator list that simply restarts/re-initializes the Mach engine so that the ScreenScript gets ran again without having to start and stop the screen editor? It might be wise to tie it explicitly to the Mach4GUI debug flag (-d) being passed at startup and only show it in debug mode.

I notice I can be in debug mode and running the screen set (aka not in the screen editor) and hit the "Break execution..." button on the debug server and that will drop me in to the debugger at some random point that was executing. But it would be nice to explicitly restart the ScreenScript without the over head of the screen editor.


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