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same thing happens with p2 to ground and p4 to ground so it would appear the controllers are fine?

yes that means all Motor Controllers are working.

i would now Z axis P6/P7 as shown in my Video

step- and dir- to GND
step+ to P6
dir+ to P7

that is one of the last ideas now

don't Forget to Setup p6/p7 in Port's&pin's

yes it appears to be doing just that

means Motor Controller is working

p to ground

and if you test Px to 5V, because this is the way the Motor controllers are connected.one pin is enough

so if you take the wire from p6, witch is the step Signal from z, and put it GND ,away from GND, and back to GND
by Hand the Motor should do one step every time you do this.

somethings amiss here. p2 on the breakout board is a steady 1.58 volts in both directions.
p3 is at 5.14 in the down dir. 1.58 in the up dir
p4 is at 1.54 in both dir
p5 is at 5.14 in the left dir 1.58 in the right dir
p6 is at 5.14 in to down dir 1.58 in the up dir
p7 is at 5.14 in the page down dir. 1.58 in the up dir
so it seems there might be an issue with p2 and p4?
What are your thoughts?

have you connected a Motor to p6/p7 they seam to work

did you measure PX to GND  or PX to 5V?

Motor Controllers connected or not?

my readings were a steady 3.32 volts.

but 3.32v one direction and 0V other direction?

ok, could not find any specifaction of the breackout bord, that it is working with 3,3V PP.

you can do the same test at the Outputs of the breakout board.

General Mach Discussion / Re: digitize input to turn on an output Mach3
« on: January 20, 2019, 12:18:23 PM »
nice to hear, you got it working.

btw it is a bit wormer here, but also -5°C.

phu, the box with the ideas is getting empty.

i think one of the next test' would be a "hardcore" test of the parallel port simular to this:



and the 0x378 is in Config -> Port's&Pin's -> Port#1 -> Port Adress ?