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General Mach Discussion / Re: Homing?Limits
« on: May 14, 2020, 01:46:02 PM »
you do not have to insert it, just Chose the file and hit Post

General Mach Discussion / Re: Homing?Limits
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:48:13 AM »
if you post a reply, below the Input window is a + sign for Attachments and other Options.

go to Config -> Ports&Pins -> Outputs Signal

Enable1    set enabled    Port -> to whatever port you are using         Pin -> 1

anyhow it does not make sense to create a plugin, where you can select up to 4 of those IO Card's and then
you do not have Access to all I/O's. i am pretty sure that all the I/O's are reflected to somewhere. in the CSMIO,
witch i am using you can Access all the I/O's via the modbus functions GetInBit(adr,bit) and SetOutBit(adr,bit) and
ResetOutBit(adr, bit), but without more Information it is hard to find the right adress.

maybe you have a Chance to contact Steve Murphree via NFS Support?

went trough all the files and did a lot of searching on the Inet, but all the Information about PIO-16/16 in combination
with mach3 is very Little. so maybe Steve Murphree witch is the programmer of the plugin is the only one witch
has more Information.

But btw are the In-/Outputs in Ports&Pins realy not enough?

for input's you have:
Input 1-4
OEMTrig 1-15 witch are 19

for output's you have:
Enable 1-6
Output 1-20 witch are 26

just a question.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 ATC screenset ER25 collet
« on: May 11, 2020, 03:06:05 AM »

i have posted some code witch might be a startpoint.

do you have some more Information about the  Cards and the plugin?
there must be way to get Access to These in- Outputs.
because, if the plugin get Access there must be a way to get access.
 the plugin must reflect These IOs to somewhere,i think into modbus IO aeria, like all the other
Motion Controller do it.

example to write UserLed's to a port

Code: [Select]
'example to write UserLed 2201-2208 to port
'Our port address
PortAddr = 1016 '0x3f8
PortData = 0

If (GetUserled(2201) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 1
End If
If (GetUserled(2202) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 2
End If
If (GetUserled(2203) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 4
End If
If (GetUserled(2204) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 8
End If
If (GetUserled(2205) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 16
End If
If (GetUserled(2206) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 32
End If
If (GetUserled(2207) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 64
End If
If (GetUserled(2208) = 1) Then
  PortData = PortDate + 128
End If

PortData = PutPortByte(PortAddr, PortData)

so if you are able to Access the Card via the regular port/pin Setup, they should be also be red/writeable via



as shown in this example i did
Code: [Select]
  ' Our port address
  PortAddr = 1016 ' 0x3f8
  ' Read data register of parallel port at 0x3f8
  PortData = GetPortByte(PortAddr)
  ' write the data to OEMLed's
  SetUserLed(2001,PortData And &H01)
  SetUserLed(2002,PortData And &H02)
  SetUserLed(2003,PortData And &H04)
  SetUserLed(2004,PortData And &H08)
  SetUserLed(2005,PortData And &H10)
  SetUserLed(2006,PortData And &H20)
  SetUserLed(2007,PortData And &H40)
  SetUserLed(2008,PortData And &H80)

you have to out in there the same port adress as in Mach3 setup   

i think the Problem is that the variable Id is not specified

try a

Id = 0 at the begin of code