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ok i think you have something simular to this:


this set has a parallel port breakout board.

for pp you have to have a pc with win7 32bit, and a real parallel port.

usb to pp will not work, does not matter witch win Version you have.

if you want to use win10/64bit you have to go to a external Motion Controller.

like uc100, smoothstepper ore something lik this.

oops Bryanna was faster  ;)

I do use A TC-50M as a controller.

ok had a look to the Manual, in this case i think 0 for step/dir pules is ok/does not matter.

back to the Basic Problem.

did you check the real distances as described (MDI G1Xsomething) and measure ?
same for Y axis.

anyway, if the real distances match to to the DRO's, X and Y should move the same Speed.

you can also do a simple test via MDI


should give a simulitanious move of both axis.

by rereading all the post's i recogiced that your machine is belt driven (my bad english,and the Age).

ok that means one motorrevolution is 40mm, right?

in this case your motortuning of velocity 400mm/min is very low (what actually means for the Motor 10 rev/Min).

don't realy know what Speed you expected to run?, but i think for a woodmill (have no Experience with Wood),
it is IMHO to slow.


ok from motortuning X an Y should run the same Speed.

i would put 40 for acceleration.

a bit surprises me that step pulse and dir pulse is Zero, put 5 in there.

are you using parallel port or a Motion Controller ?

can you please post a screenshot of

Config->Motor Tuning -> X-axis and
Config->Motor Tuning -> Y-axis

my pulley is a 20 teeth and the second wheel ? how many teeth?

you can do simple test of your calibration.

- jog your X-axis to the left (minus) side
- Zero x-axis
- put a mark somewhere to measure afterwards
- put F300 into MDI
- put G1X300 into MDI
- measure the distance

the toolpath Display is an other part, important is that your values in the axis dro's
are equal to the real movement.

General Mach Discussion / Re: New Mach 3 Won't load G code
« on: January 14, 2019, 02:23:12 AM »
can you post oene the .crv files witch does not work ?

Mach3 under Vista / Re: USB to PARALLEL WIN 7
« on: January 11, 2019, 03:16:19 PM »
Is it possible to use a usb to parallel cable converter on a K2 cnc with geckos.. Is there a special setup???
just in case I need to upgrade to a newer computer

just NO

ok i understand,

so let's try to get one Problem solved by one.

tell us the first Problem, let's get it solved, than got the next.

So.  Does X axis move the tool or move the work? Moving tool means left is Zero, --, and Home. Right is + and ++.  Moving work means right is Zero, --, and Home.  Left is + and ++.
Does Y axis move the tool or move the work? Moving tool means to the front is Zero, --, and Home.  Moving work means Front is Home, +, and ++.  To the back is - and --.
Z axis is usually moving tool, so Up means Home, + and ++, and Down means - and --.

In general, ++ means + end Limit switch, -- means - end Limit switch.
- and + are for coordinate system and DRO increment, which makes the tool-path display orientation correct.  X increment to the right, Y increment to the rear, and Z increment upward.

all correct