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try to Win Start - run - systeminformation (hope it is simular in the english Version)

can't run drivertest here (64Bit), is there any port adresss shown?

but you said, you run drivertest succesfuly?

sorry have only a german version

just to confirm:

-Settings -> Port's&Pin's -> Port Setup and axis selection -> Port 1 is enabled
-Settings -> Port's&Pin's -> Port Setup and axis selection -> Port 1 adress is set correctly
-Settings -> Port's&Pin's -> Motor Outputs -> axis is enabled
-Settings -> Port's&Pin's -> Motor Outputs -> Step Pin , Dir Pin and port are correct

i assume you are using the Standard 1024 sceenset.

is the reset button permanent green or flashing ?

btw are your axis dro's changing if you try to jog?

due searching for a Manual for your breakout bord, there seam to be different Versions.

do you have this Version, with the jumper's,
and are both jumper's set ?

see attached