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General Mach Discussion / Re: Control Mach3 via Labview
« on: January 23, 2019, 03:00:41 AM »
well then download Mach4.

There is no way you will get a Mach4.dll file if you are fiddling around with Mach3.

I have Mach4Hobby and it has several .dll files in the main Mach4Hobby directory. They are complied so I don't think
they will be of much use to you but they are there...you can have them for free.


however the Mach3 ActiveX Interface was covered in the Mach4.dll, has nothing to do with Mach4 itselve.
if you have a look to the mach3 Folder, there is a mach4.tlb witch is a binary file that stores information
about a COM or DCOM object's properties and methods in a form that is accessible to other applications at runtime.

As soon as I can, I will test whether a single button click invokes the M3.m1s script, simply by adding a MsgBox() command to that script and testing whether that message comes up. I expect it will. I will also check whether the double click does this as well ... (now I am curious).

neither a single than a double click will run the M3 macro, i am pretty sure, but you can test bay your own.

Is there any way to access the implementation of DoSpinCW() command?

no real idea, but maybe someone else knows.

as sayed, by my test (spindle configurated as relay control), the only difference was that

if you single click (spindle OFF) the Output is turned ON, and by the next single click it is turned OFF

if you double ckick, there is only a short pulse on configurated Output.

but all this is base on my PP testmachine, without any motoion Controller.

this button does not call the M3 macro at all, because it uses the DoSpinCW() function directly.

sorry this Statement is not correct, it uses the OEMButton(110) witch is -> Spindle CW, reset THC height

i assume you are using the 1024 screenset and use tge Spindle F5 CW button.

this button does not call the M3 macro at all, because it uses the DoSpinCW() function directly.
so if you double click it is like a toogle , if spindle is on it will Switch it off.

if your run a short GCode witch only contains


it should do the same Thing.

so if spindle is in Outputs control that mean's only a pluse is created on the Output witch is defined in ClockWise M3 Setup.

you can check this on the diagnostic page, the spindle toggle button does the same as Spindle F5 CW button.
don't get  irritated of the Output LED's on the diagnostic page they are configurated as blink LED, so blinking means it is ON.

that was the reason for asking for the screenshot, only to see how your spindle is controlled in the Hardware.

so we Need some more Information about your Setup and Hardware, everything else is a walk in the dark.

can you post your M3 macro.
it is normaly in C:\Mach3\macros\your Profile Name\M3.M1S

and a screenshot of Config -> Port's&Pin's -> Spindle Setup

somethings amiss here.
p2 on the breakout board is a steady 1.58 volts in both directions.
p4 is at 1.54 in both dir
so it seems there might be an issue with p2 and p4?

here you can a test of the 25pol cable to make sure that P2 and P4 are connected here.

and for additional testing i think a oszlisocope is needed to check P2,P4 and P6 that there
a pulse stream is created.

General Mach Discussion / Re: pendant
« on: January 21, 2019, 02:28:24 AM »
mach3 can not "record" the movements, but what you can do is,
create 3 Buttons.

1.-button1 -> create teachfile

2. enter in MDI Spindlespeed , Start spindle, start coolant and what else you Need

3.-jop to a Position

4.-press button2 witch put's the actual Position with a "G1 Xactpos Zactpos" into the file

5.-repeat 3. and 4. so many times you what

6.-press button3 to end teaching

button1 and button3 allredy exist in 1024 screenset (more or less).

i mean how it was shown in the two Videos

PUL+ to  P2
PUL-  to  GND
DIR+ to  P3
DIR-  to  GND
ENABLE to 5 volt power supply

and so on

i am out for today, it is getting late here.

same thing happens with p2 to ground and p4 to ground so it would appear the controllers are fine?

yes that means all Motor Controllers are working.

i would now Z axis P6/P7 as shown in my Video

step- and dir- to GND
step+ to P6
dir+ to P7

that is one of the last ideas now

don't Forget to Setup p6/p7 in Port's&pin's

yes it appears to be doing just that

means Motor Controller is working