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General Mach Discussion / Re: VFD Messed up
« on: February 01, 2021, 01:44:42 AM »
Looks like you have to increase your Max frequency to 400Hz. inital Setting is 120Hz.

24000 / 400 * 120 = 7200

very Close to your "max" Speed you get now.

VB and the development of wizards / Re: Help to finish a button
« on: February 01, 2021, 01:31:23 AM »
for the Problem with the Limit Switches you can "automaticly" drive the Limit Switch free by code.

example for X-Axis

Code: [Select]

  'check x-axis home Switch
  If GetOEMLed(830) then
    Code "G91 G1 X10 F100"
    Code "G90"
    While IsMoving()
  End If

General Mach Discussion / Re: M40 / M41 touch probe not working.
« on: January 29, 2021, 11:51:47 AM »

C:\mach3\macros\your Profile Name

wether ther is a M40.M1s and M41.m1s file.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Problem with soft limits settings.
« on: January 29, 2021, 11:49:52 AM »
Google for

three finger rule or right hand rule

than you can see what is "normal"

basicly i removed the G91 from the G31 code line, had some Problems by using G90/91 in same line
with G31 in the past.

made some changes, see wether they help, keep a copy of your existing code!!

Code: [Select]
'X/Y/Z referenced?
If getoemled(807) Or getoemled(808) Or getoemled(809) Then 'Kontrolli kas nullimise ledid polevad
MsgBox "Teljed nullimata"
Exit Sub
End If

'probe input allready active
If GetOemled(825) <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Testi raadioandurit"
Exit Sub
End If

XWork = GetOEMDRO(800)  ' Get Current X Work Coordinate
YWork = GetOEMDRO(801)  ' Get Current Y Work Coordinate
XMachine = GetOemDRO(83)  ' Get Current X Machine Coordinate
YMachine = GetOemDRO(84)  ' Get Current Y Machine Coordinate
ZMachine = GetOemDRO(85)    ' Get Current Z Machine Coordinate

Code "G49" ' cancel tool lenght offset
Code "G0 G53 Z-1" ' Home Z
code "G53 X216.90 Y3069.85" ' Move into Probe Pos ***EDIT HERE***
DoOEMButton(179) ' machine coordinates
Tool_Number = GetDRO(24) ' get actual Tool number

'fast probe
code "G31 Z-200 F300" ' Z liigub alla 300 mm kuni probini
While IsMoving()

code "G91 G0 Z10" ' Z liigub ├╝les 10  mm
Code "G90"
While IsMoving()

'slow probe
code "G31 Z-15 F20" ' Z liigub alla 15 mm kuni probini
While IsMoving()

If Tool_Number = 0 Then ' Master tool Cal
z = GetOEMDRO(85) ' get Machine ZPos
Call SetOEMDRO(49,z) ' Set g54 z offset
Call SetDRO(24,0) ' Turn off the tool offset by loading tool #0
Height = GetDRO(2) ' Get the pos of the Z axis without the Tool comp on
Call SetDRO(24,Tool_Number) ' Turn the tool Back on so the offset will go to the
Call SetoemDRO(42,Height) ' Set the Tool Height offset
End If

DoOEMButton(181) ' back To program coordinates
code "G0 G90 G53 Z-1  F1000"
code "G43"
While IsMoving()
Sleep 10

Code "G0 X" & XWork & " Y" & YWork ' Returns to the previous XY job location
While IsMoving()

how far is your distance from Zhome to probepoint?

Looks like something is missing at the begin of script.

there is a End if without an IF ... Then before?

-Operator -> Edit button script

-Auto tool Zero button should blink now

-click on button -> Editor window Comes up

-copy and paste code into a file

-post file

Show us your script, and we will see.