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Would Mach 4 be better than Mach 3?

imho not for the moment.


Regarding the ModBus set -up I try it , but it seems don't work....or I do somethingh wrong?

i'll gona try this tonight, never worked with brain.


Hi M21,

Code: [Select]
'Function to read a Section/entry of a  INI file
Function ReadIni( ByVal file As String, ByVal section As String, ByVal item As String ) As String
ReadIni = " "
Set FileSysObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If FileSysObj.FileExists( file ) Then
Set ini = FileSysObj.OpenTextFile( file, 1, False)

Do While ini.AtEndOfStream = False
TextLine = ini.ReadLine
If TextLine = "[" & section & "]" Then
TextLine = ini.ReadLine
Do While Left( TextLine, 1) <> "["
If InStr( TextLine, item & "=" ) = 1 Then
ReadIni = Mid( TextLine, Len( item ) + 2 )
Exit Do
End If
If ini.AtEndOfStream Then Exit Do
TextLine = ini.ReadLine
Exit Do
End If
End If
End Function

not exectly what you need, but shows the principals of file/text handling.


have you checked your grounding for noise ?
your power supply for Geko ?



i think first step will be to get much manuals of the used controler's
as possible.

mitsubishi anyway, and ITRI as well.
maybe you can get a wiring diagram from Ecoca.
as more informations you get from the existing system, as easier it
will be to convert.


hate the bloody things, usualy have mine on silent ;)

yust ignore it. (don't hate it).
sometimes it is easier.


Hi Emil,

Hi Thomas
Pff 25 years , that mean you are Daddy's on CNC,
have you some on You Tube or links on your retrofitings ?

sorry, i am "prehistoric", means i do do not evan have a
smarthphone, only a mobilephone (phone is the major thing,
yust dial a number and talk).

so i do not have any youtube videos.

sorry again.


Hi Hood,

Glad to see Thomas in on this, he is much better at VB than I will ever be :)

Thank You.

as writen before:

If Then Else or Maybe

Hi Emil,

It seems that your TO DO plan is well organized....if I think from start on all ; then will do a really mess on my mind !

i am doing retrofit things for almost 25 years now,
had to learn this.


OK Emil,

i made a quick head based calculation of your in-/outputs

Based on my OLD inputs:
-home axis x
-home axis y
-home axis z
-vacuum table 1 (pressure gauge 1)
-vacuum table 2 (pressure gauge 2)
-vacuum pump acces
-acces mill 1 (assume is the main spindle)
-acces mill 2 (assume is the drill spindle)
-cone-holder OPEN
-cone holder CLOSE
-thermic inverter
-drill group DOWN
-drill group UP
-dust colector UP
-Inverter OK
-frequency reached
-drive axis C (ATM axis) OK
-pressure reached on the main spindle
-axis overreached (axis limits switches)
-emergency on main panel (emergency switch on the panel)
-machine emergency (chain with pushButtonsMushroom 3, line pressure,lock of main door)
-vacuum termic breaker
-drill unit thermic breaker
-motor stop
-external start
-external stop
-vacuum switch 1
-vacuum switch 2
-inverter frequency level

means  30 inputs

Outputs :
- 9 outputs for drill heads 1,2,3-----9 (activation of the drill heads I assume they need M codes and VB Macro)
-ascension of 4 guides (0-ing hardware fixtures on each corner of table) depending on each side of table you work - need M codes
-axis C (ATM) enable
-up down dust cover
-drill head UP
-drill head DOWN
-OPEN/CLOSE Tool holder clamp
-vacuum side 1 of table
-vacuum side 2 of the table
-enbla axis X,Y,Z
-enable inverter

means 20 outputs

csmio-a has

24 inputs
16 outputs

witch makes a IO extension module necessary.