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Hello Emil,

good news, got a manual from HSD, bad news (for you), it is in german.

but anyway, the table for connections on page 30 looks quite good,
so i made a small table for connections:

28   (REF-V) 0-10V analog input -> csmio analog output
29    (GND-A) for analog input

5   (in 5) enable inverter -> csmio digital output
4   (REV)  reverse rotation -> csmio digtal output to switch CW/CCW

8   (CM-IN) GND -> 24v GND

1   (FLT-NO) alarm relais -> csmio input inverter ready

2   (FLT-CM) for alarm relaise -> 24V+
6   (EXTFLT) external alarm -> 24V+
22   (IN3)    temperature motor (not used) ->24V+
17   (OUT3-CM) -> 24V+
16   (OUT3-NO) -> csmio input output frq. = 0 allow tool change

30   (CM-OUT) ????? -> csmio input frq. reached but it is a open collector
32   (OUT2)    ????? is connected to 24V+ does not make sence
so if only OUT2 is connected i should work with this 30/32 connection.



user for example SWX wire it to a input and
cofigure in Port's&Pin's the same inputs fpr X+ and X-.

there is only one switch, but there should be two braket's to trigger it.


Hi Emil,

for the axis inputs, just seperate them from the e-Stop chain.

they should be NC contacts anyway, not like in the drawing as NO contacts.


Hi Emil,

maybe you can test with pin4 (input 8) witch is in standard config for

make one test pin4 connected to +24VDC and
one with pin 4 not connected.

let's try and error.


Hello Emil,

here: http://www.gk-world.com/html/gongkongziliaowo/bpycd/bianpinqi/2013/1211/69372.html
i found a manual (scrolldown to get to wiring diagrams).
but some of the terminal numbers are different.

not realy shure what we can thrust ?


Hello Emil,

i have got no answer from HSD.

the wiring diagram looks ok, the only signal
i am not clear is this frequency level signal.
may be the best thing is to fire up the spindle
and have a look what is going on with this signal.


Hello Emil,

--I need help with:
--1-After Homing I have no ideea how can I reset the machine coordinates at 0 ?

are you using the 1024 screenset, if yes have a look in diagnostic page, there you can see
all coordinates. normaly the machine coordinates are set to 0 by reference, what you see
in the main screen are the work offsets, witch may be different.

--2-Got problem on wiring and declare inputs/outputs on  the (VFD-spindle ) , found no where  (Mach3-csmio) somethingh about frequency level and frequency reached
--(attach inverter electr schema) ?

i have written HSD an email about manual.
i think for the beginning it is enought to wire
-csmio analog output to analog input of vfd
-csmio digital output for enable vfd
-inverter ok to a csmio input
-and if you want the frequenzy reached to a csmio input

at least the 24V and GND.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Toggle output from button input?
« on: May 27, 2015, 09:02:06 AM »
dont think there is a macro solution, bcause the Outputs will be turned off anyway.

may be you can use a Hardware filp-flop relay (1st puls on, next pulse off and so on)?


General Mach Discussion / Re: Toggle output from button input?
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:36:15 AM »
Change the valves to 5/2 pulse triggered (4 Outputs).

than the valve stayes in his last Position.


Hi Emil,

at least i would seperate axis Limit Switches (can stay in series) and the E-Stop chain,
create a inustrieal Standard estop circiut (e-stop relay and main power contactor for all Motors).
all this Software e-stop circuits are not save for my mind.