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General Mach Discussion / Re: One physical switch as end switch and ref
« on: August 28, 2015, 03:27:04 AM »
Hi Andre,

witch controller are you using ?

on my CSMIO-M and CSMIO-S this is working prefect,
just configure the same port and oin in input setup.


German / Re: Grafik LCD über Parallel-Port?
« on: August 24, 2015, 05:23:10 AM »

da Mach3 ja auch VB unterstützt würde ich grundsätzlich sage es ist möglich,
mit Hilfe von API call's.
Aber es wir nur der macropump script zyklisch ausgführt, und IMHO hat eine
Ansteuerung für ein LCD display dort nicht verloren (nur meine Meinung.)

Ich weis jetzt nicht, was auf dem Display angezeigt werden soll,
aber ich würde einen Weg über Modbus -> Arduino -> LCD diplay suchen,
da in einem Brain relativ einfach Werte über den Modbus an einen Arduino geschickt
werden können, und der sich dann um die Anzeige kümmern kann.

Gruß Tom

see attachement



is your friend.


Right.But I assigned also to csmio A+ A- and B+ B-

if Z+ Z- is already connected than it only needs to be enabled in the plugin window.

i think you are using incremntal encoder emulation X27

the it is pin 3 and 4.


i am not sure how you wired your encoders.
if you wired also the index of the encoders,
there would be a possibility to do a
home on index with the CSMIO.


Hello Hood,

glad to se you back.

--Looking at the wiring Thomas posted it looks like the Limits are Normally Open, that is not really a good thing, much better if they are Normally Closed.
--If they were Normally Closed then you could also have a momentary switch on your panel as an override so that if you hit a limit you can press and ------hold that switch and it will allow you to Reset Mach and jog off the limit.

that is what i wanted to try to explain.

the drawing must be wrong, because if the switches are "realy" NO swtitches the
emergerncy will never come up.


Hello Emil,

it is no problem for the software to handle + and - switch to be only one switch.

on my Weyrauch mill i have only one switch for + , - and home, also no problem.


for a first test,
hit one of the limits and have a look what RL10 is doing.
something must be wron in this diagramm anyway,
because all the limits should be NC contacts.