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Hi M21,

Code: [Select]
'Function to read a Section/entry of a  INI file
Function ReadIni( ByVal file As String, ByVal section As String, ByVal item As String ) As String
ReadIni = " "
Set FileSysObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If FileSysObj.FileExists( file ) Then
Set ini = FileSysObj.OpenTextFile( file, 1, False)

Do While ini.AtEndOfStream = False
TextLine = ini.ReadLine
If TextLine = "[" & section & "]" Then
TextLine = ini.ReadLine
Do While Left( TextLine, 1) <> "["
If InStr( TextLine, item & "=" ) = 1 Then
ReadIni = Mid( TextLine, Len( item ) + 2 )
Exit Do
End If
If ini.AtEndOfStream Then Exit Do
TextLine = ini.ReadLine
Exit Do
End If
End If
End Function

not exectly what you need, but shows the principals of file/text handling.


have you checked your grounding for noise ?
your power supply for Geko ?



i think first step will be to get much manuals of the used controler's
as possible.

mitsubishi anyway, and ITRI as well.
maybe you can get a wiring diagram from Ecoca.
as more informations you get from the existing system, as easier it
will be to convert.


hate the bloody things, usualy have mine on silent ;)

yust ignore it. (don't hate it).
sometimes it is easier.


Hi Emil,

Hi Thomas
Pff 25 years , that mean you are Daddy's on CNC,
have you some on You Tube or links on your retrofitings ?

sorry, i am "prehistoric", means i do do not evan have a
smarthphone, only a mobilephone (phone is the major thing,
yust dial a number and talk).

so i do not have any youtube videos.

sorry again.


Hi Hood,

Glad to see Thomas in on this, he is much better at VB than I will ever be :)

Thank You.

as writen before:

If Then Else or Maybe

Hi Emil,

It seems that your TO DO plan is well organized....if I think from start on all ; then will do a really mess on my mind !

i am doing retrofit things for almost 25 years now,
had to learn this.


OK Emil,

i made a quick head based calculation of your in-/outputs

Based on my OLD inputs:
-home axis x
-home axis y
-home axis z
-vacuum table 1 (pressure gauge 1)
-vacuum table 2 (pressure gauge 2)
-vacuum pump acces
-acces mill 1 (assume is the main spindle)
-acces mill 2 (assume is the drill spindle)
-cone-holder OPEN
-cone holder CLOSE
-thermic inverter
-drill group DOWN
-drill group UP
-dust colector UP
-Inverter OK
-frequency reached
-drive axis C (ATM axis) OK
-pressure reached on the main spindle
-axis overreached (axis limits switches)
-emergency on main panel (emergency switch on the panel)
-machine emergency (chain with pushButtonsMushroom 3, line pressure,lock of main door)
-vacuum termic breaker
-drill unit thermic breaker
-motor stop
-external start
-external stop
-vacuum switch 1
-vacuum switch 2
-inverter frequency level

means  30 inputs

Outputs :
- 9 outputs for drill heads 1,2,3-----9 (activation of the drill heads I assume they need M codes and VB Macro)
-ascension of 4 guides (0-ing hardware fixtures on each corner of table) depending on each side of table you work - need M codes
-axis C (ATM) enable
-up down dust cover
-drill head UP
-drill head DOWN
-OPEN/CLOSE Tool holder clamp
-vacuum side 1 of table
-vacuum side 2 of the table
-enbla axis X,Y,Z
-enable inverter

means 20 outputs

csmio-a has

24 inputs
16 outputs

witch makes a IO extension module necessary.


Hi Emil,

there are a couple of macro excamples on CSMIO homepage:


as i have writen before my personal agenda would be:
1. get all the hardware things wired
2. get the axis running
3. get the spindle running
4. then get headache about VB macros


don't be afraid of VB,

it's just

If Then Else or Maybe

CS-Lab / Re: Support M10/M11 commands
« on: May 11, 2015, 01:44:18 PM »
Hi Andrew,

you are absolutly wright.

tested on my -M and -S machine, not working,
only with PP.

looking forward to CSMIO answer.