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tested your file.
i have a constant feedrate from 0.1
during the complete run.


Hi Fred,
thanks for that thomas- i did change the line and still have the same problem.

If i were to send you my file would you be able to put it on your computer and
see if it runs correctly.

I did recently pick up a compile error regarding one of my M files and i am concerned
that i may have got some form of corruption

I would appreciate your help



send me your files,  i'l have a look.



g0z1         (move z closer)             ********this is where it always changes the feedrate

it is a G0 i think it should be G1.


Brains Development / Re: compare immediate not working
« on: June 16, 2015, 09:41:51 AM »

please have a look for your truth table

Tool Position 1+8 have the same pattern
Tool Position 5+6 as well.


Hi Emil,

looks quite good so far.

--2-I don't know why on Y the cnc made mirror (it is perhaps because I revrse Y Axis on home limit set-up) ? I revrse the Y because by Manual-Jog.

X and Y have to be set like a normal coordinate system, so if we say in a rectangle
X0Y0 is the left bottom corner

X+ is going to the right side
Y+ is going upwards

allways relayed to the material.

for your spindle CCW turn.
have you tryed this pin 4   (REV)  reverse rotation -> csmio digtal output to switch CW/CCW
on the inverter for reverse run ?


thank's a lot Thomas !
It's no problem with the manual language = "Ich spreche auch Deutsch - Zwei Jahre in Deutschland gelebt, im Koblenz"

ok das ist gut.



are still watching this, to be my second chance ?


Hello Emil,

good news, got a manual from HSD, bad news (for you), it is in german.

but anyway, the table for connections on page 30 looks quite good,
so i made a small table for connections:

28   (REF-V) 0-10V analog input -> csmio analog output
29    (GND-A) for analog input

5   (in 5) enable inverter -> csmio digital output
4   (REV)  reverse rotation -> csmio digtal output to switch CW/CCW

8   (CM-IN) GND -> 24v GND

1   (FLT-NO) alarm relais -> csmio input inverter ready

2   (FLT-CM) for alarm relaise -> 24V+
6   (EXTFLT) external alarm -> 24V+
22   (IN3)    temperature motor (not used) ->24V+
17   (OUT3-CM) -> 24V+
16   (OUT3-NO) -> csmio input output frq. = 0 allow tool change

30   (CM-OUT) ????? -> csmio input frq. reached but it is a open collector
32   (OUT2)    ????? is connected to 24V+ does not make sence
so if only OUT2 is connected i should work with this 30/32 connection.



user for example SWX wire it to a input and
cofigure in Port's&Pin's the same inputs fpr X+ and X-.

there is only one switch, but there should be two braket's to trigger it.


Hi Emil,

for the axis inputs, just seperate them from the e-Stop chain.

they should be NC contacts anyway, not like in the drawing as NO contacts.