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i would use "ENABLE 1"  instead of "CHARGE PUMP".

i never understood "CHARGE PUMP", maybe depending of my bad english.

sorry i will finish for today, allready late here in Bavaria.

but i think we are very Close.

ok if i have inderstood this, you are using Charge Pump as an "ENABLE" ?

i am allways using the Output enable for this

for what do you realy Need charge pump ?

sorry i did not get this !?

btw. the XML Looks ok now for e-stop.


also your just sended XML says that e-stop emulated is checked.

in worst case i would Setup an new blank Profile.

I am not seeing any change with the indicator you circled... It stays yellow regardless of switch being open or closed.

there is something wrong, it should Change Status.

can you please post your XML again?

you said Emulated is unchecked, the XML you posted earlier says emulated is checked.

if your e-stop Switch is connected to pin15 the led in UC Monitor shouls Change if you Switch it.

can you see input15 changing if you push the button in the uc100 i/out Monitor?

do you have a "real" e-stop button ?

had a quick look to your XML, you posted.

there is the e-stop is emulated enabled.

is your e-stop realy emulated ?

i have realy no experience with the UC100,
but the red idle led would make me thinking about.

whats about to contact Automation Technology Support
to get a information what the red idle led want's to tell us.

in the manual i found nothing about red only about green ight.