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General Mach Discussion / Re: How to Sett Tool #1 on Startup in Mach3
« on: March 11, 2021, 06:21:30 AM »
Code: [Select]

should set everything.

can also set in Config -> General Config -> ToolDro persistent

if nothing help's put this code in a M31.M1s in c:\Mach3\macros\your Profile Name

Code: [Select]
Sub Main()
Code "G31 Z-150 F300.0"
While IsMoving()
SetOEMDro(802, -3.4)
Code "G00 Z3.0000"
While IsMoving()
End Sub

and the the c-gode would be:
Code: [Select]
G00 Z10.0000
X11.6124 Y15.7764



just an other way for the sam thing

if you run this test and have a look to diagnostic page, what does G92 Offset Show?

General Mach Discussion / Re: need help offset 5-axis cnc
« on: March 09, 2021, 10:12:17 AM »
if you put a sensor for homing this will not affect during normal run.

for the basic test to check the status of the pins the “Plugin control->UC100 I/O monitor” screen can be

there should pin 10 Change if you use X-Motor Input (pin2 on Motor connector)
if nothing happens, disconnect your Switch then:
1st test make a wirelink from GND to Pin2
2nd test make a wirelink from 24V to Pin2 (GND wirelink must be removed)

there are a couple of LED on the MX4660, what are they doing?


chapter 7.1 Led light location

General Mach Discussion / Re: MPG x1 x10 x100
« on: March 08, 2021, 08:03:49 AM »
link is strarting a download of a list with all function's called:

Buttons, Dros, Leds

maybe check your download Folder.

makes no sence to do a test on an other machine, coord's will allways be different.

Looks like you haven't read the suggested chapter of manaul about coords, Offsets and so on.

if you do a ref All, ONLY machine coord's will be zeroed and work coordinates will Display a value based on this
Zero and the actual work offstet.

go to diagnostic page, in the upper aeria all coords and offset's are displayed, Play arround with zeroing AND homing
and watch the values, maybe this helps to understand, why current Position can be differnt after homing.

that depends on witch coorinats you have selected (machine coords or workpiece coords) with the button below
axis DRO's.
in machine coords it is normaly Zero or a small amount in minus
in workpiece coords it depends where you set the workpiece Zero, but normaly it will be positive.

just try it by set Z-Zero somewhere below upper end of Z-Axis then make a homing and the press the
Machine coords button to toggle the cordinate System.