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g0z1         (move z closer)             ********this is where it always changes the feedrate

it is a G0 i think it should be G1.


Brains Development / Re: compare immediate not working
« on: June 16, 2015, 09:41:51 AM »

please have a look for your truth table

Tool Position 1+8 have the same pattern
Tool Position 5+6 as well.


Hi Emil,

looks quite good so far.

--2-I don't know why on Y the cnc made mirror (it is perhaps because I revrse Y Axis on home limit set-up) ? I revrse the Y because by Manual-Jog.

X and Y have to be set like a normal coordinate system, so if we say in a rectangle
X0Y0 is the left bottom corner

X+ is going to the right side
Y+ is going upwards

allways relayed to the material.

for your spindle CCW turn.
have you tryed this pin 4   (REV)  reverse rotation -> csmio digtal output to switch CW/CCW
on the inverter for reverse run ?


thank's a lot Thomas !
It's no problem with the manual language = "Ich spreche auch Deutsch - Zwei Jahre in Deutschland gelebt, im Koblenz"

ok das ist gut.



are still watching this, to be my second chance ?


Hello Emil,

good news, got a manual from HSD, bad news (for you), it is in german.

but anyway, the table for connections on page 30 looks quite good,
so i made a small table for connections:

28   (REF-V) 0-10V analog input -> csmio analog output
29    (GND-A) for analog input

5   (in 5) enable inverter -> csmio digital output
4   (REV)  reverse rotation -> csmio digtal output to switch CW/CCW

8   (CM-IN) GND -> 24v GND

1   (FLT-NO) alarm relais -> csmio input inverter ready

2   (FLT-CM) for alarm relaise -> 24V+
6   (EXTFLT) external alarm -> 24V+
22   (IN3)    temperature motor (not used) ->24V+
17   (OUT3-CM) -> 24V+
16   (OUT3-NO) -> csmio input output frq. = 0 allow tool change

30   (CM-OUT) ????? -> csmio input frq. reached but it is a open collector
32   (OUT2)    ????? is connected to 24V+ does not make sence
so if only OUT2 is connected i should work with this 30/32 connection.



user for example SWX wire it to a input and
cofigure in Port's&Pin's the same inputs fpr X+ and X-.

there is only one switch, but there should be two braket's to trigger it.


Hi Emil,

for the axis inputs, just seperate them from the e-Stop chain.

they should be NC contacts anyway, not like in the drawing as NO contacts.


Hi Emil,

maybe you can test with pin4 (input 8) witch is in standard config for

make one test pin4 connected to +24VDC and
one with pin 4 not connected.

let's try and error.


Hello Emil,

here: http://www.gk-world.com/html/gongkongziliaowo/bpycd/bianpinqi/2013/1211/69372.html
i found a manual (scrolldown to get to wiring diagrams).
but some of the terminal numbers are different.

not realy shure what we can thrust ?