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Brains Development / Re: compare immediate not working
« on: June 18, 2015, 11:22:17 AM »

i am not sure how it is done in brain.
i only know in VB script it is

SetCurrentTool( ToolNew )

Regards Thomas

Brains Development / Re: compare immediate not working
« on: June 17, 2015, 04:55:01 PM »
Hi George,

for the moment i am on the road, that the (single) brain is to long.
so i would prevere to split this brain into two brains.
brain one for tool 1-4
brain two for tool 5-8

in my very back reminds there is soomething about
to "long" brains.


Hi Emil;

I use already 2 relays to change the direction but some people said is not OK to use by M4 - to +; but if you say is OK then I will do it.

maybe i missed something about this two relaiys,
pls give me a short update about this two relais.


Hi Emil,
When I change the reff wires the spindle change direction.
Can you help me with the tool change VB ?

that means you can use a gold contact relay to swap the wires to change direction.
wire this relay to a csmio output and we do some changes in M3/M4 to get this

just let me know what help you need for the toolchange macro.


by the way,

is the spindle changing direction if you swap the analog Input wires ?

Hi Emil,

is there any posibility on this Inverter to Change Parameters,
in the Manual it does not look like there is any Display.

my email is below  the avantar.


Hi Fred,

i have tested on Version R3.043.058.
i am living in Bavaria near Regensburg.

yes please post your xml i will have a look.


Brains Development / Re: compare immediate not working
« on: June 17, 2015, 04:57:40 AM »
Hi George,

tryed to find the code of your truth table.
it is not binary and not gray code.

anyway i would start with a simple brain, only 2 or 3 numbers,
and also not use the compare instruction.

attached a small sample i would start with.



tested your file.
i have a constant feedrate from 0.1
during the complete run.


Hi Fred,
thanks for that thomas- i did change the line and still have the same problem.

If i were to send you my file would you be able to put it on your computer and
see if it runs correctly.

I did recently pick up a compile error regarding one of my M files and i am concerned
that i may have got some form of corruption

I would appreciate your help



send me your files,  i'l have a look.