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This is my first post and I fairly new to CNC so it may be a dumb question.
I've built a CNC hot wire foam cutter for building RC wings and fuselages and I've set up MACH3 units to be in millimeters.  I run some test cuts on some small wing profiles and everything is good.  So now I want to cut a wing to actually  for flying with.  I'm using Profili2 to design the wing and generate the gcode.  I'm using a old plan in inches and have created the gcode OK. 
I now there is a gcode to specify inches or millimeters so even though I set my machine up to use millimeters if the gcode says inches at the start will it do the conversion or do I need to convert it all first.

My machine build and a video of it working can be seen at http://www.rckeith.co.uk/cncfc.html

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