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General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 problems
« on: April 15, 2007, 12:41:11 PM »
   I have no info as to fixes for your problems....I'm too new (as you might see in my post right after yours!),,,but I gotta ask...HOW are you getting those beautiful screen shots (and saving them as jpegs, it looks like), and then attaching them to your posts?.....how the heck is that done?.....Thanks, gpdc

General Mach Discussion / Reset command & more...
« on: April 15, 2007, 12:33:49 PM »
George the newbie here, so bear w/my ignorance, please!
  I have a MiniTech Gantry Router that I am making some changes to for "productionization", if you will...I need to keep the operators from using/needing the keyboard and the mouse, but I still need those usable by the set-up people.
  I've put a second ESTOP button in my operator panel/pendant... I put it in series w/ the one supplied with the motor controller...which is operational to the point of killing the spindle and motor drives, but when I pull it back out, we take off running again...that initial push of the "E"stop I need to also input the RESET command to Mach, then I need the operator to then manually push reset and cycle start to continue.
  I've got spindle & coolant on/off operational using M codes...M3/4, & 5 and M 7, 8 & 9 using the (2) 115VAC outputs built into the motor controller box...it uses Gecko's
    on what looks to be a proprietery board with no other relays or other access to the parallel port cable returning back to LPT1 (no #2 insrtaled) of the CPU.
  There are no other pin I/O ports available other than a DB9 that accepts the Home switches only....they come in a little kit as an accessory.
  I've got an I-PAC (2) emu board that (I'm thinking) I need to send Mach the reset command and the cycle start command (for sure), and maybe some more as this progress.
  This emulation board has a pass thru that I can't seem to get operational (as yet), but I can get the (4) X & Y jogs to work when I jumper the boards' ground to the correct screw terminals, but nothing else...oops, I do get a feed hold input to Mach if I play around with that jumper.
 So, is there a keystroke input from the keyboard to input "Reset" to Mach"?....and any thoughts anybody might have on the correct set-up & use of the I-PAC for key mapping would GREATLY be appreciated.
  I've still got to add a Light Curtain to the enclosure this week...guess we'll cover that when I get there!
 THANKS in advance for anything that anybody cares to share w/me!

   George from central New York here, finished apprenticeship '73 & moved on after that, now I have a shop & we make custom automation machines & stuff, truth is we do one's & two's &  for that reason, I've never looked hard @ CNC stuff (other than MasterCam school), just cause I didn't need it....but that little bug in my ear has always teased "come, little boy and play with me!".....so now I am!...you have a wonderfully capable software & can be proud of it

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