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FAQs / Cannot Toggle to MPG in (hit_tab) joggingscreen
« on: June 26, 2012, 04:54:53 PM »

I connected an single MPG hand wheel ,100p, 5v, A,B to mach3. a to 13 and b to 15 configured mach3 in ports&pins/encoders the mpg3(z-as) with port1 and pin 13 and 15.
In the setting screen the "MPG diagnostics" work perfect the z-coordinates works ++ and --.

How ever my z-as is not moving. ( does move with the normal jog buttons and in programs) When I hit the tab to go the jog screen to try to change to MPG mode it just toggles between step and continuous.

It doesn't change to MPG mode.

Has anyone had this problem before? I have read for many, many hours but I can just no find it.

Any solutions?


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