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PoKeys / Pokeys57cnc + pokeys57u + PoRelay8
« on: October 22, 2018, 05:02:02 AM »
Not to sure what im doing here so I'd thought id ask..

Was said in another topic that you could run the cnc machine with the 57cnc and then have a 57u to run as a keylogger/ more pins out/in. I also needed more relays. if i plug the PoRelay8 into the 57cnc using the 5wire connector. I can control the relay board with mach, by using the pokeys plugin configure. If i do the same with the 57u board, I cant control it using the pokeys plugin. Cant even see it.

would i be right in thinking I would use the 57cnc + PoRelay8 together under mach. Then have the 57u board running in the background as a keylogger. Or is there a way to connect all 3 boards together and run them all under mach?

Also, when the 57cnc and the PoRelay8 are together, I cant get the relays on the relay board to stay on. Lets say...... if i use the relay on the 57cnc board to run the coolant the relay will come on and only turn off when i press the coolant button again. If i do the same, but use one of the relays on the PoRelay board, the relay will turn on, but will turn its self of after 5 seconds or so.

thanks in advance,


PoKeys / pokeys57cnc remote buttons
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:55:34 PM »
hi all,

Just got me self a 57cnc board for a lathe project, I have worked out (well think i have) axis,e-stop and the relays etc. But one thing is getting me. is how do you rig up a button to the 57cnc board.
e.g you have a control panel with a load of buttons on it. How do you connect the to the 57cnc board. so when you push one the coolant starts etc.

i have spent many many hours over the last week looking this up and can't find anything. i have found people that have done it, but they dont show you how. they just show them pushing a button on the panel and something out of shot clicks.
the manual says you can get a matrix keypad, but doesn't show you how to connect it to the board. it only shows how to program it once the matrix board has been connected. if i could find out how to connect a matrix board to the 57cnc. i could take the buttons off and put them somewhere else. it would be a pain, but do able. would much prefer to wire the buttons up like i have seen other do, but with the pokeys57u board.

or am i missing something. is it as easy as finding a pin.... lets say pin17. place wire from ground to button. wire from button to pin17. then telling the57cnc board what to do with it.

thanks in advance.


General Mach Discussion / turret calibration
« on: March 27, 2013, 07:45:15 PM »
hi all,

just got me a converted (mach3 turn) Boxford 240tcl lathe, with an 8 tool turret.

all was going well (ish) until i shut it all down, had some grub then turned it all back on an hour or so later.

it seems to have forgotten what tool is ready to cut. i.e you mdi T0101 and it says "tool is already in position" but tool 4 is there. you type in T0606 and you get tool 1......... and so on.

i have spent many hours looking all over the net to sort this and the only thing i have found is "you need to calibrate the turret" but i cant find out how to do that.

one thing i do remember, is when i first got it going, i got a pop up in mach that asked "what tool position" i looked at the turret and entered in the tool that was in the cutting position. guess i need that pop up to come back, but i can't get it :-(

any ideas?



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