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No problem.
You can download the DLL by itself here

Well the config plugins should show all the plugins in that folder. I would toss out the DLL and reinstall from a fresh download.

In the Mach3 plugins folder is the UC100 DLL listed?

Does it show up in the "configure plugins" menu under the config drop down?
Is it listed in the plugin control drop down?
In the Mach3 plugins folder is the UC100 DLL listed?


Did you do all the steps in the PDF?
When you plugged the UC-100 in did it load the drivers.
Did Mach ask you what controller you wanted to use when you started it?


Is anyone using the onboard analog output on the UC-300 to control their VFD.
I'd be interested in what kind of results you are getting.

I'm also interested in adding an encoder to the spindle so any feedback on that would be great as well.


I would say that's probably correct. I have UC-100's on my 2 routers and  UC-300 on my mill. The UC-300 is controlling 5 axis. X,Y,Z , A for the 4th axis and C for the ATC carousel. It's also controlling 8 outputs and 12  inputs. If your running a single parallel port now then the UC-100 will be fine.


Hi Scott
Have you checked out Misumi products? I bought several sets of their end bearings and have been very happy.


I couldn't agree more about the Kflop. Unfortunately for me I had to abandon it. Which really disappointed me as it seemed like the possibilities were huge. The C programing was just going to be too heavy of a lift with my current workload. I opted to go with the UC-300 controller which has been working really well for me. In the next couple of weeks I'm going to offload my ATC functions from the Pokeys to the        UC-300. It has plenty oh IO for the job.


Also using their DC drives too. Superb service from Balazs, both technical and commercial. Going to order the UC-300 now.


Couldn't agree more. I have Dugong drives in my router and the new DG4s drives on the mill with the UC-300 and really couldn't be happier.


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