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I had basically the opposite experiance with the geckos. Had a set of 340's on a router and could never get it to stop faulting. I made every conceivable suggested modification and just couldn't get it straightened out. Spent the better part of 2 years suffering with it.  Then I converted a knee mill with a crusader system over to mach and decided on using the Rutex 0-10v step drives. I was immediately impressed. I bought the drives, a relay board, a mother board and a chassis and wired it up in an afternoon. Used the rutex software to tune the drives with no real problem. The only problems were my lack of understanding how this stuff works.  I then bought 3 990 drives for the router and it has yet to screw up. I run it almost every day and have never had any problems. I just did a lathe conversion with the new 2020 drives. I had some drive issues that might have been caused by the servo but Tom at rutex made it right. The tuning software is great. you make all of the adjustments with the software and then flash the drive. This in itself is worth  using Rutex.
Now for the bad news. There always seems to be a availability problem and there still isn't a relay board that's compatible with the new drives. The 2020 drives aren't as  robust as they should be. If I was going to do another machine tomorrow I would probably buy one of the new Larken viper drives hook it to a machine and beat it. If I liked the outcome I would buy 3 more ( 1 spare)  and hope for the best.

Good luck

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