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General Mach Discussion / Need a little macro help
« on: October 04, 2012, 07:05:16 AM »
Starting to work out the details on my tool change macro for my ATC.
Ran into a bit of a stumble right away. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:
ActivateSignal( OUTPUT5 )
Wait for signal from proximity switch on input 1 then
ActivateSignal( OUTPUT6 )

I've searched and tried a few things but a can't seem to get it figured out.


Do you sleep?
Thats looking great.
I disassembled my ball gripper after about 800 tool changes and there were no signs at all of wear or distortion. Starting to test my spring forks to work out those details. Even if I stall on the tool changer (I won't) changing over to the BT30 and air drawbar was the best mod I've made to this mill since I converted it to Mach. Manual tool changes are so… Civilized :)

Again amazing work your doing.


Thanks hood. You confirmed what I was thinking.  Time to brush up on my macro writing!

I’m in the process of building a 10 tool carousel style tool changer for my knee mill.
I’ve reground the R-8 taper to accept BT30 tool holders and I’m using the 4 ball gripper and belleville washers for the draw bar. This is working out great.
I bought a pokeys and a M39 relay board to run things.
The carousel will be driven with a servo motor directly through Mach as the C axis but everything else is going through the pokeys.
The tool changer flies in in three steps. Down, over to engage fork into tool, down again to remove tool and clear spindle, rotate carousel, up to load new tool, back away, and up to start position. I’m putting proximity sensors at the ends of each travel. The proximity sensors will be mapped to Mach LEDs.

The way I’d like to work this is when a tool change is called up the carousel will lower to the first position, when the proximity sensor is active it will execute the next movement over, then when that sensor is active it would actuate the draw bar and release the tool, The carousel would then drop down, rotate the C axis to the next position and then reverse out.

I've done some simple macros and I've modified a few existing complex macros so I'm a little comfortable with them. I have no experience with brains though.


I used 9712K84
Next round I will go with the coil spring, but I only need one spindle, so unless somebody buys this one, I will be using it and not making any more.

That's how I feel about what I have as well. When the carousel is done and it's time to change out the Bellevilles I'll probably revisit the valve spring idea.


The springs I got from mcmaster were very smooth. Almost like they were run through a vibratory finisher. They weren't shiny like yours but a dull grey. My springs are .090" thick so maybe you crossed a threshold thickness wise of what could be punched smoothly. Or their dies were worn out.  I'm still thinking that your idea of using a valve spring is the way to go. My rig is working really well but I still plan to give the valve spring idea a whack.

The spindle looks amazing by the way.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 VS Other motion controller for stability
« on: September 04, 2012, 06:33:39 AM »
I live in Florida and I can tell you without a doubt heat plays a big part of Machs (computer) stability. During the cooler months no problems. But as soon as it gets warm things can get a little funky. I now have an air conditioned shop (yea) and no longer see any glitches or hangs.


Good point.
The Delta VFD-m uses an input, usually a proximity sensor for indexing. You can tell it what angle from the sensor you want it to stop at. This is the same drive that David DeCaussin uses on his machine. If you watch the video you can see it stops, then turns to index. Not sure if it locks the position though.  My thinking at this point is to ultimately have the VFD dictate whether or not the draw bar can engage. That may be a dream or something as simple as using an intelligent output on the drive. I'll have to see what I can come up with when I get the drive.
If you don't trust Mach-pokeys-smoothstepper to not turn on (or off ) an output then you can't really trust it for any other method to prevent unintentional draw bar movement.

That sounds too simple :)

Right now I have a relay that turns the vfd on and off through Mach. If I routed the air valve in a way that when that relay is energized there would be no power available to the air valve so even if the output was turned on in mach the drawbar would stay put.
Basically a variation of what angel tech suggested a few posts back. I think for my purposes this may be the best route.

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