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Thanks for the positive feedback chaps. It makes it all worthwhile.

As mentioned we are 'virgins' at MachTurn and really no very little. Saying that I don't know that much about MachMill !

From the tests here all screens are rendering correctly. Or at least I think they are.

Dalgie, if you can grab a screenshot of the problem we will try and fix it. Can you check the problem doesn't exist with the standard set also as in theory there should be no difference in the rendering.

Beano's being getting some new toys to play with. DivX player, New graphics card, G.P.S..... The list goes on. I might have to get the whip cracked on the Blue Release!


For anyone interested the screenset is open for download and test :-


Thanks for the original feedback. The static labels caught us both out :)

Hi all,

Finally after a short delay the Silver Blue Screenset for Mach3Turn is ready for test.

There has been no attempt to add extra functions to these screens. They have been done purely by request following the Mill screens we released.

Credit to the original author of the screenset interface. We have only put a wrapper around it. (We don't have lathes so cannot even test it fully !)

The DarkBlue screenset will follow shortly once I manage to bribe Mr Bean into it. :)

Please report any bugs etc but note that we don't intend to add new features.

The screenshots below give you a taster.

Again, full credit to Beano on his photoshop skills. We hope you like the look.

Team InsomniaX

Screenset can be download from :-

http://www.cnc-builder.co.uk/insomniax/ :)


Well that shows my lack of knowledge with the Turning module.

Thanks Brian, I didn't know they existed.



Hi all,

Would someone please post a sample of GCode for the Mach3Turn program.

While we are doing the MachBlue turn screenset I'm not sure if the toolpath is displaying and updating correctly.

Thanks !



That machine looks awesome.... Do you have any build log or details on it ?

It looks like it would just about fit in my garage !

Great to see the MachBlue screenset in the picture too....


Works in progress / Re: An unfinished screen set - "Mach Blue"
« on: May 06, 2006, 08:14:46 PM »

For those that requested a matching Lathe Screenset, how could we resist ?




Well don't ask me why because neither myself or Mr Bean have a Lathe equipped for cnc control although he does have a Lathe dating back to the 17th Centuary that he's quite proud off.

But as we are gluttons for punishment and quite enjoy our late night sessions abusing each other on MSN we have almost completed the lathe screen. Same comments as the MachBlue screens really. We are not reinventing the wheel, the layout and functions will be close to the original set with some minor tweaks.

It was hard to get Beano motivated this time..... I think he's took the hump as no one likes his 'preferred' colour scheme :)

Anyway It's almost complete but just going through a few final checks. Can some kind soul please post a G-Code example of some Lathe code for us to try......

As usual first release will be SilverBlue then the Darker Blue set....Then Who knows...... ;D

I think the front screen shows how Beano feels on this set..... (His abusive graphic to me will be removed when released) :)

Manual screenshot posted.....



Thanks for the positive feedback. Well if it's your default screen we really cannot ask for more !

To be honest I totally agree with your comments on the DRO colours. We will probably include two .set files in future. One for light DRO's and one for dark. I noticed the difference when I tried the files on LCD panels and normal CR monitors.

The attached file is a quick fix. Can you advise if this is acceptable ?

Just copy the .set file into your root mach3 folder and select it with mach3.

The thought of tackling the wizards makes me feel weak :) Brians the Guru.......



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