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Never mind.

Apologize if asking obvious, that is my first stab into Mach3 scripting.

As per subject - is there any way in scripting to detect if jog keys (arrows) are active ?

And another question - DoOEMButton(323) is toggling visibility of "Screen 50" MPG Jog.
How can I detect in script the state (IsVisible?) if Screen 50 is in visible state or not.

I am trying to utilize USB numeric keypad, since my monitor is far away from the router.
I also would like to assign two sets of functions to numerical keys, so depending on the
NumLock State they are used as jog keys (and related), or for the secondary set of

I would like to use NumLock LED to have a handy indicator which set is active:
NumLock LED ON - jog keys active
NumLock LED OFF - addtional macros active
(please see attachment - JOG ACTIVE label next to NumLock LED)

Thank you for any helpful answers.

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