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I suspect that you won't get 'newer' than me!  I've just downloaded Mach 2 to see what it can do.

I served my time as a toolmaker back in 1957-62 but immediately moved on to other occupations such as photography, Hi-Fi sales, Engineering supplies office manager, DIY shop owner, computer consultant . . . .  I now build PCs and create artwork for posters/programmes to earn a crust but 18 months ago bought a Myford lathe to re-kindle my interest in clocks/clock-making (started in child-hood).

Further bits of machinery have been added including a Proxxon mini-mill and last week I saw an e-bay item which is this same mill with CNC control!  -  at last we get to the relevant point !!

My first attempts at testing Mach-2 have all been abortive. I am well versed in design and can export .DFX files from CorelDRAW but when I import these into Mach-2 - although the outline appears in the 'window' - the 'generate G-Code' button always creates the same code - no matter what the .DFX file is (I've tried 4) -   . . .

GO Z1.0000
GO Z1.0000
GO X0 Y0

Advice as to where to post such a basic question would be appreciated.

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