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General Mach Discussion / MDI G-Code not actioned
« on: July 13, 2020, 05:23:29 AM »
Hi - Very new to CadCam - been looking at Mach3 driving a Denford MicroRouter Compact for the past week and today cut my first slot(s) in 18mm Plywood to make a sacrificial table.

I haven't yet run a 'file' but I have been using the MDI and entering G-Code by hand which generally does exactly what I would expect but on occasion hitting [Enter] after typing the G-Code does nothing - not even displaying the command in the pop-up box - and at other times it does clear the line and show it in the pop-up but the command is not transferred to the Denford.

Even when that happens and I test that I can turn the spindle on it does action that and it also responds to [REF ALL HOME].

Once I [Esc] from the MDI Input I can use my hand controller to move the tool along X, Y or Z without problem but the manual G-Code entry still doesn't operate.

I've also made sure that there are no [Error] codes.

??? There must be something simple that I'm missing but look to the wisdom of the forum for guidance


General Mach Discussion / Re: How to generate G-code in Mach 3
« on: April 06, 2007, 04:04:03 AM »
Hi Keith,

My problem was that I had installed Mach 3 (and all ancilliary programs) on my 'Progra' Drive ('P'). Once I'd un-installed and re-installed - accepting the default location of drive 'C' - I can create G-Code correctly.

Because LazyCam is still in Beta, I suspect that they haven't yet sorted out the dynamic location issues that one expects of a robust program.


General Mach Discussion / How to generate G-code in Mach 3
« on: April 03, 2007, 06:56:23 PM »
It will no doubt be very obvious   -  once I've done it   -   but I've spent two days (well, part of) trying without success.

I can create .DXF, .WMF, HPGL or any of the supported bitmap format files using CorelDRAW but trying to create G-Code using LazyCam I find totally impossible.

I can get an outline of the object on the LazyCam screen when I import an HPGL file but all other vector formats report the file contains 'splines' which cannot be imported and then tells me that there is nothing to import.

When I do get an outline I can rotate it and move the origin but cannot see any 'button' to create the G-Code. Looking in the options or lazyCam  when I hit the G-Code button I see that there is a tick box for "Send file to Mach 3 when posted" but even with this 'ticked' on clicking the 'OK' button I get a 'File Creation error'.

I'm sure the collected wisdom here can point me to what I'm doing wrong.


Hey JG,
     In the general Mach discussion board would be good. Why didn't you download Mach 3? You should give it a try. It also comes with Lazycam, a g-code generating program. ;D


Thanks for the quick response Brett. I was 'bamboozled' by the 'VISTA' :(((  flash  into thinking that Mach 3 was not available for free download.

It was always my intention to purchase Mach 3 once I had worked out if I could use it.

I now have Mach 3 and the .PDF tutorial for setting up the three axis mill so I'll read through that tomorrow (I am committed for the rest of today to other matters) and post to the general forum if (when?) I have further questions.



I suspect that you won't get 'newer' than me!  I've just downloaded Mach 2 to see what it can do.

I served my time as a toolmaker back in 1957-62 but immediately moved on to other occupations such as photography, Hi-Fi sales, Engineering supplies office manager, DIY shop owner, computer consultant . . . .  I now build PCs and create artwork for posters/programmes to earn a crust but 18 months ago bought a Myford lathe to re-kindle my interest in clocks/clock-making (started in child-hood).

Further bits of machinery have been added including a Proxxon mini-mill and last week I saw an e-bay item which is this same mill with CNC control!  -  at last we get to the relevant point !!

My first attempts at testing Mach-2 have all been abortive. I am well versed in design and can export .DFX files from CorelDRAW but when I import these into Mach-2 - although the outline appears in the 'window' - the 'generate G-Code' button always creates the same code - no matter what the .DFX file is (I've tried 4) -   . . .

GO Z1.0000
GO Z1.0000
GO X0 Y0

Advice as to where to post such a basic question would be appreciated.

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