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Galil / Adding an A axis
« on: April 03, 2012, 02:17:06 PM »
I am new and if this topic has been beat to death I apologise ahead of time but i haven't been able to find an answer yet. I am in the process of building a 3 axis router using a Galil DMC-1830. My goal is to be able to convert this to a 3d printer as well as conventional router mill. To do so i am going to need an A axis to control the feed of the plastic into the extruder. does anyone know of a work around to add a 4th axis while using a detected 3 axis controller? Will Mach 3 let me talk to 2 galil controllers lets say if i was to purchase a 1 axis galil to control the feeder? or talk through the parallel port for this axis?


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