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LazyTurn / Tool tip radius
« on: March 30, 2012, 08:40:14 AM »
Hi all,
I am experimenting with LT on a Boxford 125TCL.
I get a preaty good finish but got a little problem with the dimensions...
For some reason if I create a tool in LT with a 0.4mm tip radius, the Gcode output from LT leave an 0.8mm extra of material (0.4 radius)
If I create a tool with a 0.1mm tip radius it leaces an 0.15...mm extra ??

I am trying to turn a part with a finish radius of 12mm and get a 12.4mm with a rough + fine pass with a stock clearance of "0".  Any ideas ?
Am I doing something wrong?


General Mach Discussion / Anybody tryed that before?
« on: March 20, 2012, 07:12:36 AM »
I am trying to enbed my PC running Mach3 into my CNC system.
And doing some researches I came across the Zotac NANO-VD01 mini PC.
This is nice and small...

I was jusf wondering if anybody tryed intalling Mach3 on one of these?  Would it have enough power/resources to run Mach3 ?
(I know there is not LPT port on it, but I am using a Eth-SmoothStepper board)


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