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Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / cripled code
« on: October 26, 2008, 08:38:07 AM »
When I make a code using the wizard for a circle etc.
it seems to be allright.
But in the middle of the code every time the last sentence is given and the process is stopped.
Any idea what this can e?
(any electrical thing?)
The original code before downloading seems to be ok.

Kind regards

Here is the word file

I send you the wizzard which is a newfangled wizzard.
Are you able to react already?

kind regards,


if I remove both the Z=0 and Q=0 sentences from the VB script it seems to work.
Can i safely remove them?

Kind regards,


I have changed as little as possible
but for instance:

material selction steel hard max spindle rate 4000 max feed rate 100.0 units inch  so default values

then continue
circular hole pattern
surface speed for special tool 1.0 ft/min tool 4 tooel dia 0.1250 HSS number of cutting tips 4
chip load per tooth 0.0009 inches spindle direction CW Flood Overrides 100% Feed 0% percent plung feed rate 50 spped 764 rpm feed rate 2.8
Z center 5.0000 Y center +0.0000 5 holes Circle diameter +20.000 start angle +0.000 drill G81
rapid height +0.1250 Peck depth -0.2500 Hole depth -1.000
error showing
error on line :33 -type mismatch
after OK
the erro script opens
after closing
Save changes to HiddenScript.m1s?
Then cancel exit and the main screeni sshowin the folowing code:
G0 G49 G40.1 G17 G80 G50 G90
G20 (inch)
M5 M9
Thats all

any idea why i get errors on all the hole related wizzards of newfangled?
All teh other wizzards work well.
error is called type mismatch ???

dear members,

I'm a newby trying out the newfangled wizzards.
All the hole related wizzards doesnot work
on the circular hole pattern the error is error on line 33 type mismatch
on the linear hole pattern the error is error on line 29 type mismatch
on the drill hole position the error is error on line 42 type mismatch

All the other wizzards work!
Any idea what goes wrong??

It you be so kind to answer


Very kind of you all to react immediately.
I got the lic file very fast now and wnt to thank everybody for the good work!

I will post my work as soon as it is ready.

Newby Andre

Hi I am Andre Roest from lekkerkerk holland and since a year of five the happy owner of a lathe and a mill which I'm trying to convert into a CNC machine.
I make use of the beautifull mach3 software and the newfangled addons.


Dear members,

Any idea what time I have to wait to receive my software after payment.
I'm very interesting in the working of the newfangled wizards.


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