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Could I get a parallel card like this one?
It does have 4 steppers like this one...

A friend of mine bought a Precision Automotion PA200 router and it runs on DOS. I never learned DOS so this machine needs to be converted to Mach. The machine has a 4 axis controller from Anaheim Automation similar to the one in the link.
http://www.anaheimautomation.com/products/stepper/stepper-driver-item.php?sID=54&serID=46&pt=i&tID=86&cID=20 The computer has 2 parallel ports on it and it use both ports. One port for x and y and the other for w and z.

Questions I have are as follows,
1. He needs a new computer, one with 2 parallel ports. Any suggestions?
2. Is it going to be as simple as plugging up the new computer and installing Mach 3 to get it running?
3. Would it be easier to gut the machine and install new drivers and servos?
I know I am going to have to figure out what the ports and pins settings are and that will take some time. That's just a few questions I have at the moment, I am sure more will arise in the next few weeks.
Here are a few pictures of the machine.
Thanks Guys

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