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Does the current set resistor need to be set at 5.5 on the 201?
I just went through the manual for the 201 and found it, It needs to be on 5.6, no 5.5 on the 201

Thanks for all of your help!

Well after a lot of thought I am going to change everything out in this old machine and go with the following. Any thought before I purchase this stuff is appreciated.

PMDX 133 Motherboard
PMDX 107
3 Gecko 201's
Nema 34's from Keling
New license for Mach
Any ideas on what size power supply that I will need? Will I need a 12v or 5v wall wart to hook any of this stuff up?

The 3/8's shaft slip into a 1/2 split shaft with a clamp collar on it. The 1/2" shaft the goes through a bearing mounted on the gantry upright. The motor mount accept either the 23 or the 34, no need for new ones. The 34's on the machine have a 3/8" shaft.

I don't know if they still work, 16-18 years old. I think I should go ahead and replace the now with something more up to date.

This is going to be a headache....The steppers on the table are nema 34's with 3/8" shafts. I can't find a 34 kit with 3/8 shafts. These machines were also built with 23's. cncrouterparts has the G50 kit with nema 23's that have 3/8 shafts. The 23's lack about 60oz of torque but the table is geared with belt and pulleys. The problem is that with the g540 it won't control my vfd which requires a digital input to control it. G540 is analog. What can I do now. Can I use a pmdx board to control the vfd and the g540 to run the steppers?

We have decided to gut the machine and rewire the whole thing and run just one spindle. Does anyone have any recommendations on a retrofit kit. 

I built my machine from scratch so redoing the whole thing would be that big of a deal. I am just not wanting to spend that much time on doing it even though the guy is paying me to get it running.
I think I will just try out the new computer to see if it will work. Does anyone have any more information on how to get Mach to run the two spindles? Would it be best to just remove one of them?

So you still think I should change out everything and dump the $1500 Anaheim driver and go with the 201's?

A new computer is a definite. Its to old to run the copy of Artcam that the owner has. The current setup is running off of 2 add on parallel port cards and not using the one built into the motherboard. The router has 2 Perske 7.5hp motors on it with a separate stepper controlling each one. Everything is labeled as w,x,y, and z.  None of the steppers are slaved together. I have found the manual for the stepper driver. The driver has its own power supply built into it. Will mach control the dual perske motors? My buddy is footing the bill and he will get what ever I tell him to get. I personally would have not bought the machine but its to late as he already has. I would like to get it converted for him without a lot of headaches.

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