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I am reading the Pokeys Pulse engine documentation and want to know the difference of using the Pulse engine or not.  By my reading, it appears that there are two ways to set the Pendant up. Is that correct?  I am using a 57U with the Pokeys keyboard and they are working correctly.  I have downloaded the plugin and the Pokeys configuration program, they are OK.  Tell me if this is correct.  If I don't use the pulse engine, when using the controls on the pendant, it acts as if it is the screen pendant, when pushing the tab key.  Is that correct?  It seems to me that the documentation gives me two choices, one with using the pulse engine and one, not using the pulse engine.  I am sorry about these questions, but this is new to me.  I am running XP, Granite servo drives, Centipede system.  I am wiring the Pendant to the 57u at this time, so I haven't done any configuring yet, so any hints, help, or ideas would be appreciated.  Bob.

PoKeys / Re: Pokeys button console trying to install
« on: December 04, 2015, 06:51:14 AM »
Well, if I had waited just a bit longer, I wouldn't have had to post the previous post.  I got the keyboard up and running, but I am now trying to install the Pokeys pendant.  I under stand that I will have to cut the 25 pin connector off and then use the appropriate number pins on the Pokeys 57U to get it operational?  Is that correct?  If anyone has any suggestions or information, please let me know. Thanks, Bob.

PoKeys / Re: Pokeys button console trying to install
« on: December 04, 2015, 04:17:48 AM »
OK, I need some help with the Ponet Kbd48cnc keyboard with the Pokeys 57U.  They have so many files and are confusing to me on the Polabs website and also must be a language problem when I ask them a question. So, can anyone help me as to the name of the files necessary, and where they go,  to get the keyboard and 57U operational in Mach3.  Desperate , please help.

PoKeys / Re: Pokeys button console trying to install
« on: December 02, 2015, 04:50:21 PM »
Here is what happened.  Pokeys program required .net framework 2,installer 3.1 and .net framework 3.5.  I was able to install the first two with a standalone download to my Win xp computer, but not .net framework 3.5, it had to be downloaded through the net from Microsoft, but I was not connected, so I bought a usb ethernet device and was able to get online all except Microsoft, because they don't support Win xp any longer.  So, I finally found the file from my Win 8.1 computer, it was .net framework 3.5 standalone and put it on my Win xp computer and was able to complete the Pokeys install. The website for the standalone .net framework 3.5 file is   Rushinformation.com.  So, tomorrow I will configure my Pokeys keyboard, I hope.  Thanks for your interest. Bob.

PoKeys / Re: Pokeys button console trying to install
« on: December 02, 2015, 02:07:33 PM »
Thank you, I have found the file, but now I have some wireless connectivity problems, so thank you very much, Bob.

PoKeys / Pokeys button console trying to install
« on: December 01, 2015, 09:58:09 AM »
What is the name of the program and where do I find it to install Pokeys button board?  I have downloaded the downloads from Polabs under Pokeys, but can't make sense of the programs.  The user manual casually says, Pokeys configuration software must be used, so where do I find this program? Does anyone know?  I put in a ticket, but they are really slow to return the info. Thanks, Bob.

Thank you for your reply, as you can see I am learning as I go along.  I have another question.  I understand that Mach does not support closed loop, such as absolute position, does EMC2?  I think that is the name of it.  Thanks.  These servos have 2000/step encoding and I would like to have accurate position sensing.  Thanks again.  Bob.

I am going to build a cnc router.  I have bought two Adept linear slides that are powered with brushless dc servo motors.  I have contacted Granite, and they say that their drives and breakout board will work with these servos.  My question is will these be compatible with Mach3?  I would appreciate any input I can get.  Thanks, machining fool,  Robert Brown.  These Granite drives 160 volts are only 243. euro, I will have to find out how much in US.

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