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Sounds like you may have underpowered equipment, hard to tell without details of your system.  Post them and maybe something will standout enough to get you suggestions.

I just also upgraded one of my routers - larger power supply - SmoothStepper - C25 CNC4PC BOB - Gecko drives.  The improvement over my old setup was amazing.  If I change lead screws and nuts, I'll get even more improvement, but likely not worth it at this time.

John Champlain
What do you mean exactly when you say "underpowered equipment" ?  Would you elaborate a little?  I don't see how upgrading my "router" would have anything to do with my problems.  The router has nothing to do with the movements of the machine.  I'm guessing you were using it as a more broad term for the whole machine but what exactly would I be upgrading?  I didn't set this machine up so I'm not familiar with exactly how it works, I'm learning as I go so bare with me.  All I know right now is that I have a DynaCNC RTR-1000 Controller and Machine with 4 Gecko Drives and its hooked up to a SmoothStepper.  I can give Specs. on anything but that would have to wait till tomorrow.  Thanks for any help!

I recently bought a new desktop to replace the old one that ran Mach 3 for my CNC machine.  Because the new one doesn't have parallel ports I also bought a SmoothStepper to convert to USB and to also take some load of the computer.  When I was using the older computer without the SS, I couldn't go above about 50 in/min without having it dive to deep or mess the carving up(this is the reason I decided to replace the computer and get a SS).  So I got a new desktop and hooked up the SS and everything is running great, just the way it was before if not more smoothly, Except when I tried to cut a drawing out at more that 50 in/min(bumped it up to 70), it still messed up and ruined the carving partway through.  I just don't know why I can't go higher than 50 in/min.  I know its not in the process of generating the code with Meshcam(which I do on a separate $2000 desktop) cause it works with the same carving at lower feed rates.  To me it seems like something can't keep up?  I don't know, any suggestions or advice?

Well it looks like I don't have the install disks. I have Windows xp SP1 and SP2 but not SP3(which is on the computer). 

I guess I have a OEM version of windows XP and I'm not sure if I can do a clean install or just a windows xp repair install. I'm not to sure what my options are, can you help me out?


Most of my machines are running on Via Pico mobos, they are tiny embedded CPU motherboards (100mm x 72mm) and have 1Gig CPUs and I have 1Gig RAM on them and they run very nicely with the SmoothSteppers.
If you have a XP disk I would do a clean install rather than resetting to factory as what that may have along with a basic install I dont know.

I thought I didn't have a installation disk but I found it.  I'll do a clean install.  I found 512 MB RAM for that computer for $30 so I'll just add that to the RAM that's in there. Thanks for the help.


Cache doesnt matter as that is the cache on the CPU, what you are looking for is RAM, if you go to control panel then click on system you will see how much RAM you have. 256Meg should be OK with XP and a SS but 512 would be better. BTW a 2.5Gig CPU is not borderline ;)
Ya, I know, but as far as RAM went is was borderline for min. specs and I knew RAM played a big part, idk why I mentioned Cache.  I think I'm just going to upgrade my RAM and factory restore the computer, hopefully that will fix the freezing issue.  Thanks for the input Hood.


Now you have me thinking... That PC runs at 2500 MHz but its cache is only 125kb.  The computer CONSTANTLY freezes which is another reason I'm scared to use it.  But... If i just upgrade the RAM, back up my files and programs that I want and restore its operating systems back to factory, I think I might be confident enough to use it.  What do you think?

Who cares how old the computer is, or what kind of DRAM it uses, as long as it runs Mach3?  Put the SmoothStepper on your existing PC, and you'll have all the speed  you need.  I ran Mach3 for several years on a 500MHz PC with a SmoothStebper, and had no problem getting up to 350 IPM.

Ray L.
Honestly, that computer does not meet the min. specs for mach 3.  It doesn't even have half the RAM(which I know isn't hard to upgrade) of what it suggests and I've had nothing but problems with it including messing up multiple carvings(even below 50 in/min).  I was told to scrap the thing by multiple people including my computer guy and a reliable source on here.  I was also told Parts for these old computers can get expensive so I'm better off just upgrading now.  Its the slowest computer I've ever used. Believe me, I'm done with it.  Thanks for the input though.


I'm looking at upgrading my computer that runs Mach 3.  Its too old, runs off the old ddr, and barely meets the min. specs. and I can't go past 50 in/min as my feedrate or it will mess up.  I have a $2000 Desktop that I'm using for CAD/CAM but won't put it near the wood shop so I want another computer to run Mach 3.  I currently have a Laptop that just meets the min. specs.(80GB, 2.3 Ghz 1Mb, 528 RAM) for Mach 3 but I've heard not to use laptops. I also purchased a SmoothStepper to switch from Parallel Ports to USB and I know they take a lot of the load of the computer so I'm not sure if that would make a laptop a option.  Then of Course I could just go ahead and buy another, newer Desktop to run Mach 3.  Tell me what you guys think or what you would do if you were in my situation?  Thanks.


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Re: Choosing a CAM Software!?
« on: February 14, 2012, 08:03:49 PM »
I was hoping you'd show up.  From what I've been reading it seems that everyone is really happy with MeshCAM(especially for the price) and I have been happy with it since I started the 30-day trial.  The only other CAM I tried before it was FreeMill and that just didn't cut it as far as quality.  I didn't check on the price of RhinoCAM until just now so forget it.  I think I'm sold on MeshCAM.  Thanks for the input. 

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