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LazyTurn /
« on: August 29, 2015, 12:45:25 PM »
That appears to be the same tool as the one I have.  I have enough travel to touch off the back no problem, so I will give that a try. 

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LazyTurn /
« on: August 28, 2015, 08:23:17 PM »
I think I know the answer to the question but I'm not positive and thought it best to ask.  When setting up the offset for a boring bar on the QCT post, do I set it off the back of the work piece?  Or should I use a piece of metal against the the stock and set it against the overhang of the metal off the edge of the stock?  I'm using mach standard mill with master tool mode and got a little confused in this part during the tool offset setup.


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LazyTurn /
« on: August 28, 2015, 07:43:15 PM »
Stainless?   I tried that on my mill and didn't get hang of it, tried allow, fast, deep cuts to avoid work hardening... Just ended up destroying endmills... Guessing machine rigidity had alot to do with it along with motor power.

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LazyTurn /
« on: August 28, 2015, 03:04:13 AM »
Good to know,  I will give it another go in the morning... It may also be that the inserts I'm using weren't made for aluminum.  I noticed that the aluminum inserts have a bigger rake on the tips, perhaps that makes for a cleaner cut.  I have some inserts on the way for aluminum so perhaps I will be able to get the finish with it set dead on the center.  Thanks Hood!  And Im digging the videos! Very helpful!  Perhaps once I get everything dialed in I will get some video to share!

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LazyTurn /
« on: August 27, 2015, 11:10:15 PM »
Nice!  I don't have home or limit switches that would work with the mill setup as a lathe so I will just have to use the master tool technique.  I think I am going to make a probe tool with a ball end to do the touch off on a 1" round gauge bar I bought  to zero in my mill probe tool.  I will put the round gauge in a piece of delrin and send some wires to the BOB and use it the same as you would a touch  plate for the mill.

The probe tool will be isolated by delrin as well for when I need to touch off on a part.  That should get all the tools dialed in to the master and the master dialed in to the work.

I was setting all my tool heights today by facing of some aluminum stock and trying to get the feel for where the right height was, I found the best height for surface finish was about .001"-.003" below the center point. Is that normal?  It doesn't leave hardly anything but a pin tip nipple that is barely noticeable.  Is this OK you think?

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LazyTurn /
« on: August 26, 2015, 08:14:50 PM »
Ah ha...  I was going crazy looking for a 3mm round insert like the 6mm.   Ok ordered up the 3mm grooving tool holder and insert...  Good times ahead!

I just finished drawing te 17 tool holders and inserts I have and put them in the technology database for Camworks and went through and set all of the parameters up for each tool and filled my imaginary turret with all of the tools and told it to only choose tools from my turret for auto tool selection...

NOW I see the benefit of having everything properly setup.  I literally just draw up a solid model in solidworks, tab over to Camworks and hit the extract machinable features button and voila...  It defines all the features into turning operations be it is, I'd, groove, cutoff etc... Then I hit generate operation plan and it spits out a new tree for roughing and finishing each of the operations and then I hit generate tool paths and it pumps out a completed cam program based on all of the criteria I entered for each tool.  Very easy now that it is set up.  I can see this being very helpful for making parts quick from design to chip making.

Now I'm going to go set all my new tool holders up and set the heights and the re watch your video and start entering tools into mach3 with offsets and a master tool.

I guess after that I will be setup and ready to turn whatever pretty quickly.

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LazyTurn /
« on: August 25, 2015, 09:31:37 PM »
Gonna start making parts tomorrow, have 2 more tools to model up and then time to chick up some stock, cross my fingers and hit the green button..lol

Thanks for everything Hood.. I found a round tool holder from A hard I ordered but won't be here until Friday..

I did see that a few companies offer gooving tool inserts with round tips, wonder if they would be any good, definitely alot smaller the a 6mm round for getting in tight places..

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LazyTurn / Re: Gcode Request for a part
« on: August 24, 2015, 02:39:04 PM »
Nice!  sorry about the upload blunder... try that one.  i double checked it and it should be good to go!

LazyTurn / Re: Gcode Request for a part
« on: August 24, 2015, 12:05:03 AM »

Thanks a million!  very informative and very helpful.  I went ahead and used the M06 call in the post because I have machstdmill/lathe and will likely use it down the road so it is nice to have all the buttons in places that are familiar..  i have not dug into it yet, but i believe it uses a tool change macro which can be setup similar to the mill profile.  for now i just used a safe retract function in the cam software that will automatically remove the tool and send it to a designated indexing position at a tool change call, currently setup for x2 z4, I will probably change the x to 2.5", i have a 4" lathe chuck and my mastertool is the longest tool in my box so it should always give me clearance for any changes i need to make, and without a tail stock, i doubt i will be turning anything over 4" long so should be good there as well.

I attached a copy of my post, I will be using a cored 2" piece of stock for these parts and I haven't yet added a cutoff tool to generate that toolpath yet, probably tomorrow.  the only tool i had was a neutral 35* diamond insert to cut the back portion of the part which is why it is creating a V.  You got me all hot and bothered about a round insert and tool holder but i haven't found any budget oriented offering for one yet, i could see that tool being VERY useful!

I really appreciate all your help, I am currently cross eyed from going through the post code, very intimidating for someone who has never programmed anything before.. just shear will was driving me on..hahaha

let me know what you think of the code, a few things that were killing me was that everytime i would put a G91.1 in the post it made things screwy.. so i ended up just setting the post to have all I,J moves output in incremental and with mach set for I, J moves to be incremental it seems to jive just fine.  i have the feed setup to call for either fpr or fpm depending on what i click in camworks, being i am unfamiliar thus far with values set in fpr and have gotten some experience from manual jog turning and using the wizards for basic turning jobs, i will probably stick with them for a while until i feel good about everything else.

you da man!


LazyTurn /
« on: August 23, 2015, 12:30:07 PM »
I've got it outputting useable code, everything looks good with the movements, just trying to write a decent tool change command.  It has a few different areas to configure such as rapid to tool change, initial tool change, subsequent tool changes and rapid from tool change.

Alot of it is confusing because it will stop for a tool change with different codes and not necessarily an M6.

And of course it is alot of trial and error with the language and how to format it properly.  All in all I love the fact it allows me to make changes and I know I will get it there, just going to take a little tinkering on it.

What I have learned is how little I know about lathes verse milling machines.. I wrestled with code being wrong for 2 days before realizing that a rear turret is a traditional turret on a lathe, once I figured that out everything started jiving with the actual movement code.

I noticed you use an M7, any reason for that over an M6?

Being I am using a G0704 mill with the head turned 90 degrees, I don't have home or limit switches setup for the lathe so determining where to send the lathe for tool changes is odd.  Between having some control in the cam software for safe retracts and indexing positions I am wondering if I would just be better off using the cam to send the mill to a tool change position and just use the post to call for the M5, M9, and M6 and subsequent G97, M3, S word, M8..

Also when zeroing a part on a lathe I always did so at the outer edge of the stock diameter and face.  Am I to understand correctly that the tool offsets to the center handle everything else?  Haven't added a tool library yet.

I assume that the tool offsets will be handled in mach3 so I have then turned off in the cam software.  However for the tool tip, in the cam I have to set all of the tools up by the center point of the tool tip radius and set it as the 0, 0, 0 coordinate in the model.  Will this conflict with the mach tool table settings?  I am unclear if the gcode is posted with the tool tip radius taken into consideration and if so which would be the better solution to make the tool tip a point in the cam and let mach3 handle it or set it to zero in mach3 and let the cam handle it.

Any thoughts?

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