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General Mach Discussion / Tool radius error when loading code
« on: June 28, 2016, 12:01:52 AM »
I recently started getting an error when loading code, it is saying the tool radius is is larger then the move or something to that effect.  It is really frustrating because I have checked and it isn't.  Has happened on the last two programs I've put out and only send to be on a contour move finish pass.  I have gone through and tried changing everything I can in the cam software to no avail.  I ended up removing the finish pass and just used adaptive clearing but I really want to sort this out.  It has no problem making these pockets roughing either using the same tool as the contour fish pass would use.

For reference, the inside pocket corner radius is .1875", using a .25" endmill with a radius of .125"

Shouldn't be a problem.. I thought perhaps it was the lead in arc radius that was to small but it throws the error even if I remove the lead in move.



General Mach Discussion / Spindle index slot dimension question..
« on: December 28, 2015, 01:28:28 PM »
Hey all,

I am Installing a new motor on my mill and it doesn't have an encoder like my BLDC did so I am making a single slot disk and using an optical sensor to read the single pulse per revolution.  I have done alot of research but haven't found hard data on the slot size itself.

Can anyone guide me on the slot size?  I have read it should be painted flat black to avoid reflection issues so I will paint it flat black.  The disk diameter is 2.9" and .1000" thick which gives it clearance but still fills the gap of the optical sensor about ~80%.  Any information on those who are running succesfully the single slot setup and their disk dimensions is greatly appreciated. Trying to do this once the right way..

I attached a screenshot of the disk with dimensions.. Tying to cut this today to move forward with installing the new motor so any guidance is greatly appreciated!


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LazyTurn / Gcode Request for a part
« on: August 18, 2015, 06:09:23 PM »
Hey guys,

I am trying to develop a post processor to use on a lathe and was wondering if anyone would mind turning a part into gcode for me so i could see what correct code output looked like..  I have been battling this for a few days and haven't  gotten it nailed down yet.  i have been able to get mach3turn to accept the file without error but the toolpath looks all wrong.

Would anyone mind making some code to help me out?

I have the part file in solidworks but could easily send it via DXF or any other format really, just want to see some solid code so i can edit the universal post generator to output the same..  I did it for my mill but I had other cam software at the time to help guide me along the way to what it was supposed to look like.. for the lathe I have bubcus..

Thanks in advance!!


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Tweaking a Post question on G28 G90...
« on: January 04, 2015, 12:46:06 PM »
Hello guys,

I am tweaking a post for my machine and started with a Fanuc base which is close, but it has raised a few questions.  In my search I came across some confusing information, see below.

In the Mach3 G-code reference (button in the software that pops up the code references) it states that G28 and G90/91 should not be used in the same line, however my base post shows them on the same line (sample below).  I was just wondering why they shouldn't be on the same line if the fanuc post puts them there.  I am guessing its because mach doesn't want to mix something up and perform a G28 prior to setting G90 or G91 so the machine is sure to move in the correct manner?  if this thinking is right I can simply put the G90/91 command on the line before the G28 Z0, but I wanted to fully understand and make sure i owned the answer before committing to it.

This is the first Post Processor I have ever played with so I want to be sure I understand exactly what is being changed and why so I can build on the premise.  so below is the condensed code snippet

N1 G17 G20 G40 G80
N2 (1/2 EM HSS 4FL 2 LOC)
N3 T07 M06
N4 S5000 M03
N5 G54
N6 M08
N7 G90 G00 X.079 Y-.3625
N8 G43 Z.0984 H07
N9 G01 Z-.9016 F100.
N10 X.1001 Y-.326 Z-.9334 F60.

(Time Warp)

N375 G00 Z.1
N376 Z1. M09
N377 G40 X3.75 Y.25
N378 G91 G28 Z0
N379 (#8 HSS 60Deg Centerdrill)
N380 T10 M06
N381 S2800 M03
N382 G54
N383 M08
N384 G90 X.75 Y3.
N385 G43 Z1. H10
N386 G81 G98 R.1 Z-.0751 F6.
N387 X8.25
N388 G80
N389 Z1. M09
N390 G91 G28 Z0
N391 (E, 1/4 JOBBER DRILL)
N392 T11 M06
N393 S1500 M03
N394 G54
N395 M08
N396 G90 X.75 Y3.
N397 G43 Z.1 H11
N398 G81 G99 R.1 Z-1.125 F8.
N399 X8.25
N400 G80
N401 Z1. M09
N402 G91 G28 Z0
N403 (1/2 EM HSS 4FL 2 LOC)
N404 T07 M06
N405 S5000 M03
N406 G54
N407 M08
N408 G90 X5.775 Y3.
N409 G43 Z.0984 H07

(Time Warp)

N703 G00 Z.1
N704 Z1. M09
N705 G40 X4.5 Y4.75
N706 M05
N707 G91 G28 Z0
N708 G28 X0 Y0
N709 M30

Thanks for looking guys!!


Does anyone have a general mach setup screen shot of the general config page for use with the Ethernet smoothstepper?  Not sure what things should be set in mach 3 for use with my new ESS and can't find much on the topic.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Mach4 General Discussion / Mach4 Spindle Control and Tuning ?s
« on: November 17, 2014, 07:15:41 PM »
I am considering taking the plunge to Mach4 but have not found any specific information regarding spindle control except for the brief paragraph in the available literature.  My question is regarding the tenability of the spindle RPM.  I know in Mach3 I have had nightmares trying to get it close and wondered if Mach4 had been given a scaling table to manually assist in setting the voltage output curve?  Or if someone could enlighten me on how the spindle can be calibrated?  it appears that it can be controlled as a motor but I didn't see any information on tuning it.

Thanks Guys!


Hey guys,

I am finishing up installing a new BLDC spindle motor and have tried numerous times to get the rpm range tuned in with little success.  the range is 400-6000rpm,  I have adjust about eveything but cannot seem to get the scaling right.  I have followed the instructions of the manual and the post in the support documents section here on the forum and the problem i have is i believe my controller needs more voltage earlier to get the motor spinning.  when i set everything up for the linearity scaling exercise i was able to get peak RPM perfect and as i went down in RPM it continuously was slower and slow then the commanded rpm until finally i had no spindle movement and was commanding around 1000rpm.... I have played with every setting and when i get the spindle moving at low rpm the range is off on the top by being faster then commanded.  and i also have tried adjusting the pot on the c11g board to try and make changes but i cannot seem to get this licked.

my question, is it possible to manually scale the Spindle rpm commanded 0-10v analog output and graph it to get things where they need to be?

Thanks in advance!!


Hey everyone,

I am at the end of my ATC design and have been trying to decide what to do for driving the tool carosel.  I would prefer to use a geneva mechanism for spinning it for more accurate indexing of the tools but have not yet done any looking into how I would control it with Mach.  several things come to mind that may or may not be an issue.  how to have mach understand which tool position it needs to go to when called in a tool change command.  hmm.. that was a bit vague, let me clarify,  if i were using a belt drive setup, i would do it by degrees, my tool changer is a 12 tool unit so i would have tool 1 be 0 degrees and each proceeding tool would be +30 degrees.  so:

T1 - 0
T2 - 30
T3 - 60
T4 - 90... and so on until you are back around at 0

with the geneva wheel, would you do it the same way and just account for each rotation of the stepper to be a block of 30 degrees?  any help or direction on this would be greatly appreciated!



General Mach Discussion / How to use a touch plate in Mach?
« on: March 30, 2012, 05:10:30 PM »
I have purchased both a touch plate and a digitizing probe and would like to use these to go through and set all of my tool lengths is possible (using TTS quick change tooling with Power Drawbar).

I had assumed it would be relatively simple to do but haven't found much information about it.  a video would be very helpful if there is one out there but most i came across on Youtube were just showing it working not how to get there.  Any help greatly appreciated!


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