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I am new to using mach3 and I have a problem in that I am using one computer (my laptop) to check gcode file and do testing on for scripts and the other to actually run my CNC router. one computer will read a gcode file differently than the other computer. The following code was load to the two computers.  This basically cuts a circle a little over 1 inch and .1 inch deep.  On my laptop this code runs properly but on the CNC router computer it somehow adds the     I-0.552 in line 5 to the diameter of the circle causing the end result to be an elongated x axis on the circle.  By changing line 5 to read G03 X0.552 Y0 I0 J0 F5 the cnc router will cut the circle properly.  Has anyone got a cue to what I am doing to cause this problem?
G00 X0 Y0 Z1 F5
G00 X0.552 Y0
G01 Z-0.1 F5
G03 X0.552 Y0 I-0.552 J0 F5
G00 Z1
G00 X0 Y0

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