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General Mach Discussion / ArtCAMPro and Mach3
« on: February 02, 2010, 09:24:30 AM »
Hi all,
     I have a question concerning ArtCAMPro and Mach3. Yesterday, I downloaded a machining program developed in ArtCAM to Mach3. Normally I would close ArtCAM, but this time it slipped my mind, just minimized the screen and went right to Mach3. In setting up my cnc mill, the Z axis went nuts, bouncing, screeching, and finally just took off completely ignoring the hotkeys. I won't do that again, but can anybody explain why ArtCAM and Mach don't seem to be able to run at the same time? Scared the daylights out of me. Thanks.


Hi, I'm George from Cedar Creek 3d,
     This is my first shot at forum, so please bear with me.
     I have a TAIG micromill that worked perfectly for many months. Recently, the x-axis started bouncing, mispositioning, and failed to reverse. Used Mach2 initially, switched to Mach3 and still the same. Switched the x and y cables, y-axis now malfunctions. Sent drive unit back and was returned stating nothing wrong. They told me to check my computer, couldn't find anything wrong.
     Any body have any ideas? It's driving me nuts.
                                              Thanx, George

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