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I want to convert my cnc machine to a laser engraver. I saw a lot of video and article online where people did the same but with a different breakout board. So i went ahead a bought the laser kit. And I though i would be able to find some instruction online on how to do this. But I can't find any body who has the same cnc breakout board as me. This is the one i have: -

This is the laser that i bought :-

How do i have mach3 send the laser on/off signal to the laser driver pin. I have done some research and found that you can use the pin 16 and pin 17. On my board is the pin17 is on the right top corner land next one 16. But it is a relay pin from what i kw and how can you send a high freq signal on a relay. I am confused* ???
But any way, I try setting the spindle to pin 17 and then send in the M3/M4 command from mach3. But i didn't see nothing on the multimeter, which was expected. I also tired pin 16 as well same result. But how are ppl using those pins to switch laser on off???
Please help me mostly of the discussion or article that i found does't apply to my driver board it seems or the information is very scattered. I am stuck ?????

General Mach Discussion / 3d profile problem
« on: June 10, 2013, 07:06:33 PM »
Your fellow machinist is in trouble my friends, so I have been practicing machining some 3d profile; I using steroform as my material and trying to machine simple 3d geometrical shapes like pyramids, cones etc. So I have tried machining this pyramid cone file a couple of times; 4 times specifically. I have succeeded only one time with no mistakes, and other 3 times with a simple error cut on the top of the cone.(@ different place every time neither the same size or lenght).
In your opinion what could be causing this: :(
Some other information that might be helpful  :-\; My zaxis was behaving badly prior to this and the motor usually slows down while I was machining and lose its positioning, while the other two axis worked fine. Thus resulting in improper cuts on a big scale. I have got a new driver for z axis; but seems like the problem has only been minimized to a very large extent. Expect these small mistakes that the machine is making.
Also was running at 45000 kernel speed which took me to 250 to 300ipm @medium accelration, the for the step pulse & dir pulse i got [1 - 0] for all axis (don't know what that means).
I have took the kernel speed back to 25000 and machined @ 225 ipm for the last piece i machine, but still got a error in the machining piece (a small cut at the top).
Z axis mechanically seems to running fine.

General Mach Discussion / cnc stepper motor problem
« on: May 31, 2013, 03:11:44 AM »
I have a very odd problem going on with my cnc z axis, It usually runs fine. But when I ran the machine longer than 2 to 3 hour. The z axis motor slows down automatically and vibrate like crazy. Then some time it goes away and the cnc moves fine and then after some time it started to vibrate and slow down again. Even though i don't change the speed it just happen automatically. what is the matter you think? Have you came across anything like this before.

General Mach Discussion / 1/2-10 5 start acme screw MAx Speed
« on: March 23, 2013, 09:39:27 PM »
Could any one know of a link for a  machine running on a 1/2-10 5 start screw, I wanted to get rough idea of what kind of max speed is possible with that screw.


General Mach Discussion / mach3 setting problem
« on: June 05, 2012, 01:46:22 PM »
hw's every body doing? I have a school project for a 3 axis linear system. We are using the l297 as our controller and uln2003 as our driver. Every thing is hook up and powered up. But its very hard to find the right setting for the stepper motor like the steps,velocity,acc etc. BTW we are using a nema17 6 lead wire, unipolar drive, 10oz-in, .9 degree,1/4 threaded screw 13tpi.  At 200 step,1500v,500ac is the close to running it properly we have got to. Also what configuration to use for max torque.
the motor is behaving very wierd like its jurky and change direction when apply load or doesn't move. but other times runs sort of fine. Is 10oz/in enough to move the frame for x axis show in the pic(a prototype).

have a good one

hw;s every body doing?
I have a very unusual problem the screen resolution of my mach3 screen has become smaller. I didnot change any setting eveything is small and hard to see. It has gone from a full screen to almost half a screen resolution why is that?
I am also missing steps it seems like and y axis motor is behaving wierd. Like it just don't do nothing some time and just vibrate loudly, i have check the axis it pretty smooth and the motor speed is only 10 to 15ipm. Any soutions

have a good one
cnc explorer

General Mach Discussion / Some things wrong with my Nema 23
« on: May 29, 2012, 12:55:51 AM »
Hows every body doing?
My y axis motor is behaving improperly. I was cutting some stuff and suddenly it just start to move really jurky way with lots of vibration. i have unmounted the motor so when i press the up and down arrow key for the y all it does is vibrate like crazy doesn't spin some time it does spin but in all directions back and forth.

here some of the multimeter readings for the motor
yellow and black = O.L.
every thing else = 18v's
when checked after a while all were O.L. they keep changing
it also make like a clock sound like tick every know and then when every thing is just stationory.it like moves a step back and forth for no reason.
so just try to run it and it worked fine and 5 min later i heared a long beap and then it stared to tick like a clock (tick tick tick )shaft is not moving. the tick is not that loud either.
One last thing i put a fan close to the motor for it to cool down, does that has any thing to do with it messing up, like could it be like the "mutual inductance"  like the magnetic field of the fan is disrupting with the nema motor. something like that is it possible hhmmmm......

have a good one

General Mach Discussion / Zeroing the work piece Question?
« on: May 26, 2012, 06:17:27 PM »
How is every body doing? I am new to cnc machining. Up to know if i need to cut a part with my cnc i would just put a big 24"x15" plywood piece and start from where ever. I would n;t have to worry about zeroing the x and y. (just stay with my). for example if i need to cut a profile a 4x4 square and pocket a 2x2 in the middle i would just zero the bit where ever on the big  24"x15" plywood piece.
Now that i have a 4x4 block of wood to begin with and need a 2x2 pocket in the middle i don't know where to zero the bit. Is it like on the corner..............specially when i am using a 1/2,1/4 and 3/8 striaght shank router  bit. like its not pointy.

have a great weekend

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Z axis motor mount........
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:01:03 PM »
I am upgrading my cnc aluminum rail system to linear bearings. I am first making a AUTOCAD model of it in autodesk inventor. And spend as much time as i can with the design before i start building. I have decide not to change the y axis to keep the $$$ down. Also be using wood. here is what i got so far.

Q- Any good design for mounting the motor for z axis? (pic or link perhaps be good)
Q-Q-links to cheap aluminum sheet or what other material to use?

Thanks & have a wonderful day:)

I am planing on switching to linear bearing system from aluminum angle/ball bearings. I am only planing to convert the y and z axis and the dimentions are about y=30"/z=12" more or less. :)   

So i am planing on buying the aluminum round rod and bearing block separate. I think i am gonna go with 12mm or 16mm system as they seem to be the cheapest.

this link shows a 12mm aluminum rod and bearing shaft system pre installed very expensive though :o 


Q- Will a 16mm bearing block and 15.875mm aluminum rod work and fit fine? :-\



These aluminum rod are way cheaper that the other onces that comes in a set. Only different is the supplier only have rod in these dimensions
aluminum rod 9.525mm,12.7mm, 15.875mm,19.05mm, 20.624mm, 22.225mm

bearing blocks 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm

So my best bet seems like the 15.875 aluminum round rod and 16mm bearing block (did i got that right)

Q- which one of these above combination would work the best or any other ideas?

have a wonderful day  :)

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