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Mach3 under Vista / Windows 7 -Mach 3 freeze
« on: October 30, 2012, 04:07:36 PM »
I continue to have Mach 3 lockup on my Novakon NM200.  The onboard PC is running windows 7. Per Novakon I downloaded the latest Windows updates and installed the service packs.  This did not resolve the problem.  Mach 3 locks up or freezes mid program or when machine finishes program and returns to X0Y0Z0 (virtual home position - not limit switch related).  I also installed the latest version of Mach 3 which did not resolve the issue either.  There are no error messages in the status lines when the fault occurs.  Once lock up occurs even the Mach3 E stop doesn't work (not that machine is moving anyway).  Jog pendant doesn't work when locked up.  Closing Mach3 and restarting it resolves the problem  "Driver reintialized" message is displayed on status line after Mach restarted.  What driver is being initialized?   

Any suggestions, thanks,

Can someone point me to the location of the xML profile for my machine.  It loads in the Mach loader but I do not know where the actual XML file is located.

Also I cannot seem to download the user guide or Mach3 manual.  My IE gives the message "file is damaged and cannot be repaired".  I tried restarting the pc and downloading it a second time and get the same message.


General Mach Discussion / Intermittent E-stops
« on: November 01, 2011, 04:57:35 PM »
Hi All,
I have a new Novakon NM200 that I have experienced two intermittent sudden E-stops and two sudden loss of power to the motors and spindle.  The NM200 has a Vista or 7 PC as the OS.  I run two other machines on Win XP and never experience this problem.  Two Estops had the message "Driver Watchdog triggered".  The machine is equipped with limit switches but I do not use them, nor was the table near the switches.  Also the motors were not being taxed at all when the E stops occurred (1 during retract, the other machining foam).  The two power downs did occurr while machining, the motors and spindle just stopped and I had to power down the pc completely to reset everything.  A real pain when machining a 3 hour part.

Novakon suggested uninstalling Mach3 which I did and installing the latest version (3.043.022).  But the sudden E-stops started happening. 

For now I dissabled the limit switches in pins/ports because I don't really need them, I also unchecked the "enable driver watchdog". 

BTW what is "Driver watchdog" and why would I want it?  What driver is it watching?

Any other troubleshooting suggestions?  ???

Thanks, Bob

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