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Hood, Glad to see you're on at the moment.

I'm back at is again and now i have something odd going on. The spindle won't come on at S500, but does at S800 command and when it does it starts abruptly and runs at ~4000 rpm. No matter what I change the pot on the C11 to, it still sounds like its about to strip the gears when starting and while running.

To recap yesterday, all I did was play with the motor tuning and turn the pot.  I've see the steps per back to 1000 but can't get the accelleration down below 6.25. It starts off like a bat out of Hades.

Wonder now what miight be going on.  Like I said, I contact Arturo tomorrow. Just wondering if I might have missed something being set back to its original state before all this began.

Loaded the saved xml........ X-axis working again, whew!!! ;D ;D ;D

Will give Arturo a shout later.

Happy New Year!!!

Well I had to back the pot all the way down to where it wouldn't go any lower before I could get the 10v at 6000.

In the meantime, I now can't get the X-Axis to move. The Y & Z are fine. I can see the LED light up on the C11G board, but the motor's not even attempting to move. I didn't touch any of its wiring. I first noticed it would move right after disconnecting the controller board wires from the C11. I didn't say anything, just thought it would possibly pick up again on the power cycling, but no joy.

I'm going to reload my saved copy of xml and start again from there.

Also, I set my pot back to where it was before all this.

I'm about ready to call it a night. Been a long day.

Thanks again for your trouble of hanging in there with me,


Once I set the step per to 250, I could then change the Velocity to 6000.

Now to be clear, do you want me to do the tweaking with the controller board connected and under a load or do it without the controller board connected?

Disconnected the controller board and here's what I measured:

S500 = 4v
S1200 = 10v
S1300 = 11v
S1500 = 13v

I stopped at S1500 until further instruction as I'm not sure how much voltage I need to output before something blows.

Are you saying that I should set it to S1500 and back the volts down to 10v at that commanded speed?

Didn't know it was hard coded. Will rename per your advice.

I see you're bound and determined to break my gears! LOL!

Okay, I have the Pulley Number 1 selected which has min 500 and max 1800, ratio 1.

When I start off with M3S500 the spindle moves, go to S60 (5v), go to S1200 still okay (10v) , go to S1500, spindle shuts down.

The odd thing is I can input on the Motor tuning for the spindle anything <= 1500.  If I put a value higher than that it just reverts to 1500 as stated earlier.

Do I need to set this value to 1200 since that's what producing 10v?

I guess what I'm saying is that the max speed of the motor is what it is at 10v. Now all I have to do is equate that to the spindle speed. (I think)  But back to square one, how do I tell Mach what that speed is if it isn't through the pulley ratio.

Ok the shuttle message is normal, just goi to C:\Mach3\Plugins and delete the shuttle plugin or if you dont want to delete change the extension from dll to m3p. When you restart Mach you should not get the message any more.

I respectfully disagree. I would think that simply disabling the plugin would keep the error message from appearing. Oh well, I can certainly delete/rename the dll, but I'm not having issues with the others.  See attached.

I really need to figure out how to correctly set the speed at the spindle. I don't savy putting in bogus speeds in the G-Code to make it come out correctly at the tip of the spindle. There has to be a way to make this work.

Thanks for all your help so far,

The fact the when I change the pulley ratio for either pulley I can't get a change in rpm at the spindle, i.e., the actual voltage going to the DC motor isn't being affected no matter what ratio I give it in the "Config - > Spindle Pulley" dialog.  I was assuming that when you make a change in the ratio, the actual spindle speed (more succinctly, the DC current going to the motor) would change based upon the ratios from the motor pulley size to the spindle pulley size.

The second oddity as stated earlier, is when I make a change in the plugins I'm not using (disabling Shuttle) and save settings I would also assume that however I've configured my plugins will stay that way even after closing the application and restarting.

Am I missing something here?

Ok from the reading I did the CNC4PC C11 has spindle control output on it, it should output between 0 and 10v depending on what speed you command. Have a look at page 18 of its manual.

So I'm okay there, but still can't figure out why my config changes aren't actually taking place.  Makes me wonder if I might need to reinstall Mach, which I don't really want to have to do unless necessary.

I just checked it with the "current" (pun intended!) configuration and with the Mach spindle setting at 500 rpm, I get 7.5 volts.

In high gear I'm getting 3800 rpm at the spindle.  I don't really want to push the bearing much over this since it's supposedly rated for 2500 rpm (some say they will take up to 6000 rpm, but not sure about the plastic gears).

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