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Hi, total newbie here, and totaly lost.

bought a jog pendant, usb. unknown brand (Chinese made. just says Mach3 controller on it)

when I use the mach3 on screen jog buttons the head of my V90 Fireball, moves in all the right directions, and the DRO's change as they should.

BUT my keyboard arrows wont move anything, wether I have the Mach 3 jog panel up or not.

strangely, when I plug in the jog pendant controller, I unusual behaviour. the DRO's numbers change, but the V90 head does not move..  most puzzled.???

also the jog pendants keys dont work in the right order. Jog pendant keys; +y changes the X dro in the neg direction, jog pendant -y moves the Z dro in plus. jog pendant +x moves the Y dro in positive numbers, but the pendant -X does not make any DRO changes. the +Z jog pendant button moves the Y dro in positive numbers, but the jog pendant -Z does nothing.

I cant find where in the Mach 3 manual to accept the jog pendant to work correctly. Does it Need a driver.??? or is there a menu setting that I should have checked...???

also why no movement in any axis by the keyboard arrows..??

any help would be appreciated. regards, Sandy

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