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As a newcomer to Mach3 and LazyCam, I was tearing my hair and burning my eyeballs searching for a way to laser engrave text from Autocad.
I happened to open a drawing made in pre True-Type font days and hey presto, when I plotted the drawing into LazyCam the text was all there, in the right place and the right size!!!
The text had been created in LT95 and used the Autocad fonts known as "Shape Compiled"  ie *.SHX.
There are a limited number of fonts available but any I have tried so far, load straight into LazyCam via HPGL files.
Hope this is of help to some of you. ( will need access to an old Autocad set up)

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No matter what I enter in the 'search' bar, I get an error message to contact a mod??

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